Two new hotels in Bohinj! And that's just the beginning...

Published: 30.8.2019

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Two new hotels in Bohinj! And that's just the beginning...

In Bohinj, the picturesque valley embraced by the Julian Alps, new hotels have started popping up. Yet another reason to visit the area!

Two new hotels in Bohinj! And that's just the beginning...

Let us recall: Lake Bohinj is the largest Slovenian natural lake that lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Its picturesque natural surroundings make it one of the most popular areas for active outdoor vacation. Apart from this, the area boasts rich cultural tradition, which makes it a perfect spot for a wholesome holiday destination.

Recently, two new hotels have opened, elevating the whole experience of the area also in terms of accommodation: Triglav Aparthotel and Hotel Majerca, both located in the village of Stara Fužina.

Triglav Aparthotel

Triglav Aparthotel has been renovated completely, chaning its exterior and refurbishing its interior. It now offers 27 bright, functional and modern apartments that are suitable for everyone - the accommodation is also dog-friendly.

An add-on to the story is the hotel's restaurant, serving superb plates, which is why the hotel has become a popular spot also for foodies. 

This is the first hotel to undergo an extensive renovation, after young Slovenian businessman Damian Merlak, who has made more than 100 million euro with last year's sale of Bitstamp, one of the world's largest crypto currency exchanges, has bought four run-down hotels in the Alpine valley of Bohinj. Next to Triglav Hotel, Merlak also bought 3 other hotels, including the famous Zlatorog Hotel, which awaits the renovation within a few months.

Hotel Majerca

Another hotel which opened in the area is Hotel Majerca, a small boutique hotel, which also features a restaurant. Magnificent views and superb service are just what makes this hotel worth visiting.


Further information about both hotels is also available on their FB pages: Triglav Aparthotel and Hotel Majerca.

Photos taken from their FB pages.

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