NEW at Velika Planina: Walking in the footsteps of the herdsmen

Published: 15.8.2019

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NEW at Velika Planina: Walking in the footsteps of the herdsmen

The new hiking trail at Velika planina reveals rich natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of this charming high mountain karst plateau.

NEW at Velika Planina: Walking in the footsteps of the herdsmen

The new trail at Velika planina named “Following in the footsteps of herdsmen” consists of eleven points of interest, which are designed to reveal rich natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of the charming mountain plateau. Every stop is dedicated to a particular fact or sight.

The 6,74 km trail with an altitude of 258 metres will take you approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes and reveal the stories about Velika planina and its settlers, facts about the typical mountain architecture, a secret behind a bowl from which nor men nor wolf can escape, a stone doorway, rich flora and fauna, magical creatures that live there, rules for the game called nebeškanje, the location of the Veternica caves and much more. You can decide to start (or finish) anywhere you want.

The trail is an upgrade of the student project originating in 2016, as part of the Creative Path to Practical Knowledge initiative at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

Velika planina is one of the top attractions to visit while in Slovenia. It lies only a stone's throw away from Ljubljana and in vicinity of the charming medieval town of Kamnik. With an area covering almost 1,000 hectares, Velika planina is one-of-a-kind high-mountain karst plateau in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Considered one of the oldest and largest pasture areas in Slovenia’s Alpine region, it includes seven herdsmen’s settlements – each boasting distinctive traditional architecture – which are still actively functioning at a height of between 1,200 and 1,667 metres above the sea level. 

if you are eager to experience the uniqueness and the simplicity of the herdsmen’s life and indulge in breath-taking views, Velika planina is an ideal place to visit. The new trail offers great new ways of exploring the area. But don’t worry: no one will resent you if you just sit in the grass and enjoy the magnificent views created by the unique mountain architecture and picturesque Kamnik-Savinja Alps as a backdrop.

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