The official opening of Expano

Published: 26.4.2019

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The official opening of Expano

The story of Expano goes back to 2015, when this building housed the Slovenian pavilion at Milan Expo. Amazing architecture has now been brought to the banks of Soboško jezero lake containing new inspiring stories and contents. The official opening took place on 12 April.

The official opening of Expano

Amazing architecture of the pavillion which represented Slovenia at Milan Expo in 2015 has been brought to the eastern part of Slovenia, to the banks of Soboško jezero lake containing new inspiring stories and contents.

The pavilion has been constructed within the framework of the “Door to Pomurje – the Regional Promotion Centre” project, which unleashes tourism, economic, cultural and sporting potential of the region. Expano is divided into for main parts, which differ in the aim and the contents: one part is dedicated to the exhibition, the second one to the Local Tourist Information Board, the third one to the restaurant and the very last one to business purposes. While the exhibition part offers a genuine insight into some of the numerous activities which you can experience in the area, Tourist Information Centre will further help you with the ideas of what to visit in the wider region. 

The official opening of the pavilion took place on 12 April. Expano now plays a major role for Slovenia in terms of tourism. With the re-use approach, it contributes to the realization of the sustainable commitment of Slovenia, after it significantly helped increase the visibility and reputation of Slovenia within the framework of the Expo in Milan.

As an excellent content and visual entry point to Pomurje, it represents a complete and round-the-clock presentation of the area. From this point of view, the project is also an important symbolic step towards closer integration of stakeholders in the Pomurje region. Expano also brings new contents to the area, which are as such an important motivator of the visit, as well as a generator of consumption in the destination.

When designing the contents of Expano, they envisioned it to connect 5 key economic tourist pillars: nature, thermal water, active tourism, cuisine and cultural heritage.

The layout and arrangement of the pavilion is only part of the broader reconstruction of the Soboško jezero Lake. There is a wide playground and sports area surrounding the part. In addition, one can go sailing or even supping on the lake.

The project was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union.

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