JRE Slovenia goes Black & White

Published: 14.2.2019

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JRE Slovenia goes Black & White

In January, 4 new members, including David Vračko (Restavracija Mak, Maribor), Gašper Puhan (Galerija okusov, Novo Celje), Luka Košir (Gostišče Grič, Horjul) and Sabina in Grega Repovž (Gostilna Repovž, Šentjanž), joined the JRE Slovenia association. The first common event to be held is the Black & White dinner, at Hotel Evropa in Celje on 12 March.

JRE Slovenia goes Black & White

In January 2019, the 13 existing Slovenian members have been joined by four young well-known Slovenian restaurateurs: David Vračko (Restavracija Mak, Maribor), Gašper Puhan (Galerija okusov, Novo Celje), Luka Košir (Gostišče Grič, Horjul) and Sabina in Grega Repovž (Gostilna Repovž, Šentjanž). 

Restaurateurs in JRE Slovenia have a desire to become recognised in Slovenia as well as abroad through various activities, for which integration into the local environment, helping one another, and encouraging partnerships are of exceptional importance. Their priority is creating a JRE family, which will include producers of ingredients and drinks, vintners, educational establishments, culinary-based media, hoteliers...

On 12 March, they invite you to meet the JRE Family for an exceptional event, Black & White dinner, at Hotel Evropa in Celje. The fund-raising event will feature top restaurants, excellent suppliers and partners.They promise an unforgettable culinary journey along the DIVERSITY and CONTRASTS of Slovenia. The money raised will be used to fund WORK EXPERIENCE for young waiters in JRE restaurants throughout Europe.

JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe) is an association of young restaurateurs and chefs who want to share their talent and passion for food with likeminded people. There are over 350 restaurants and 160 hotels included in the network spread across 15 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. JRE chefs combine extraordinary talent, a deep passion for cuisine, a love of local produce, and a strong sense of tradition. Their cooking expertise paired with the outstanding atmosphere of their restaurants offers a truly incredible experience. 

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