For foodies: Pinija, a new concept restaurant on the coast

Published: 11.1.2019

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For foodies: Pinija, a new concept restaurant on the coast

A brand new restaurant located in Strunjan. Its name, Pinija, derives from the Slovenian word for pine trees, which make up the renowned double-sided Strunjan alley.

For foodies: Pinija, a new concept restaurant on the coast

Pinija Restaurant & Beach Bar is located on the Slovenian coast, in Strunjan. Named after 110 pine trees (pinija in Slovenian) which make up the renowned double-sided Strunjan alley, it reflects the local character which is successfully fused with the international influence that surrounds us daily. 

Here, you will learn about diverse flavours of the Mediterranean: fish and shellfish from the Slovenian sea, olive oil, basil and oregano, cheese, fleur de sal from the Sečovlje salt pans, as well as pasta and Istrian truffles. And tomatoes? These come from the sunny slopes of Vezuv, from Italy. In Pinija, local meets international. What is more: also the views won’t let you down: Pinija is located right next to the sea – dreamy and romantic sunsets guaranteed!

Pinija Restaurant & Beach Bar is a project by Terme Krka, a company that manages a number of spa hotels and resorts in Slovenia, among them also the one in Strunjan.

Hint No.1: To burn the calories, climb the Strunjan Cliff, which rises 80 metres up into the air and enjoy a fantastic view of the Slovenian coastline. The cliff is the highlight of the Strunjan Landscape Park and also the longest stretch of untouched shore along the entire 130-kilometre coastline that runs from Grado in Italy to Savudrija in Croatia.   

Hint No.2: Strunjan is the venue of numerous gastronomy events, throughout the whole year. Do not miss out The Artichoke Fest in June and Persimmon Festival in November.

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