New hotel opening coming soon: Villa Planinka in Jezersko

Published: 11.1.2019

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New hotel opening coming soon: Villa Planinka in Jezersko

At the end of February, the luxurious Villa Planinka in Jezersko will welcome the first guests. Surrounded by four energy points discovered in its garden by the locals centuries ago, the villa is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

New hotel opening coming soon: Villa Planinka in Jezersko

In the north-western corner of Slovenia, beneath the mighty Alps, lies Jezersko. Here, nature is the ultimate luxury, time passes by at a different pace. Being in contact with all the things simple brings you back to the primal life. At Villa Planinka, a newly opened boutique hotel, every visitor becomes aware of the lungs and has a perfect opportunity to pamper the body.

Jezersko boasts an intimate setting amidst outstanding nature. Here, you can find your time, precious peace and tranquility, while helpful staff is taking care of your spiritual and physical rejuvenation. A range of individualized activities in harmony with nature paves the way for the greatest personal triumphs.  Centuries ago, locals discovered some outstanding energy points in the immediate vicinity of the present-day Villa Planinka. The energy points and the more than one thousand different edible wild plants from the surrounding area will help you get away from the hectic urban lifestyle and relax.

Villa Planinka is built of native natural materials – mostly wood, with larch and spruce being the predominant materials. The hotel's concept is based on inviting guests into a home, into a living room. There are only 23 rooms, all of them named after local herbs, animals and plants. The most beautiful room is called the Lady's Slipper, which is an extremely rare wild orchid that grows in the area. 

Special emphasis is placed on the warmth of the rooms, which have a very homey feeling. Rooms have no electronic devices that could block the soothing energies inside the villa and there are no electric wiring elements that emit radiation inside the walls. This is why good old-fashioned locks and keys are used, just like in the past. There is also no convection heating or cooling, instead there are conventional radiators that give off pleasant heat.

Cuisine is based on local, healthy and organic foods. Believe it or not, the guests can fetch eggs themselves from the nearby farms, and bring them back to the hotel for breakfast. Close to the hotel, there is source of pure, drinking mineral water and the guest can fill their water bottles with it. 

Another asset is also its proximity to Ljubljana airport: it will only take you 30 minutes by car to reach the airport.

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