How to survive in nature? Come to Kočevsko, they’ll teach you!

Published: 19.10.2018

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How to survive in nature? Come to Kočevsko, they’ll teach you!

Bushcraft & Survival School Slovenia organized the first Slovenian competition in surviving in nature. Survival camps are just one of the numerous adventures, which await you there.

How to survive in nature? Come to Kočevsko, they’ll teach you!

Orientation without using compass, which are edible plants, how to make a bivouac, ropes, traps, ... all these questions needed to be solved by the participants of the first all-Slovenian competition from survival in nature, which took place in the region of Kočevsko at the beginning of October. 

Spending quality time in nature still ranks high on the list of priorities which modern society has – despite all the technology that surrounds us. Returning back to the roots and to the way of life that our ancestors led is getting more and more popular. And where else would it be easier to reconnect with nature than in the region of Kočevsko, which hides dark pristine forests and some of the most preserved habitats of wild animals in Slovenia.

The first Slovenian competition in surviving in nature attracted 34 competitors from all over Slovenia, who were divided into 11 groups. The competition was divided into three parts and started with an orientation run. Afterwards, the competitors were also tested in the knowledge of edible and useful plants and animal trails. Last but not least, the testing of cooking skills took place. The event finished with a pleasant gathering around the camp fire. Throughout the competition, participants were also tested in basic survival techniques in nature; made bivouac, traps, baskets, ropes, torches, burned fire with a scorching ... The essence of the competition was dedicated to the basic skills of survival, ingenuity, sharing experiences and, last but not least, getting to know new people and pleasant socializing far from stressful everyday life.


Located in the south of the country, close to the border with Croatia, Kočevsko is one of the most preserved parts of Slovenia and thus a perfect place to discover the authentic natural environment and pristine forests. The richness of untouched nature can be found in the karst spring of Bilpa, in Eleanor's karst cave, at the top of the Goteniški Snežnik, along the Kočevje Lake, in the Prlesnikova koliševka cave and numerous other karst caves and, finally, in one of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers, the Kolpa River. A wide range of activities and tours awaits in Kočevsko, so make sure to stop by the next time you visit Slovenia!

Photo credits: Kočevsko Tourism

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