A cross-border project supporting heritage and green tourism in Opatija and Portorož

Published: 20.9.2018

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A cross-border project supporting heritage and green tourism in Opatija and Portorož

Through the project entitled Common Heritage for Common International Promotion of 365 Days of Green Tourism on Opatija and Portorož's rivieras (Riviera4Seasons2), Portorož Tourism Board successfully continues with the promotion of events focusing on cultural heritage, active holidays and cuisine.  

A cross-border project supporting heritage and green tourism in Opatija and Portorož

The aim of the Riviera4Seasons2, which is partially financed by the European Union from the European Fund for the regional development through the cross-border cooperation INTERREGSlovenia – Croatia 2014-2020 project, is to combine natural and cultural heritage with the events in the hinterlands and turn them into unique experiences. The cross-border project encourages the development of sustainable and green tourism, which is in accordance with the main guidelines of the Strategy of the Development of the Slovenian Tourism.

Rich heritage and tradition of the hinterlands have inspired the development of Feel&Taste tourist product, which connects local tourism providers and creates unforgettable experiences in the hinterlands of Opatija in Croatia as well as Portorož and Piran

The funds for the Riviera4Seasons2 project are intended for additionally boosting promotion by creating jumbo posters, radio commercials and printed pamphlets. In addition, a new website, www.feel-taste.info, will shortly go live in five languages and promote content and experiencescombiningcultural heritage, gastronomy, artisanal handicraft, cycling and walking paths as well as other features of the Opatija, Piran and Portorož hinterlands.The funds will also co-finance the Kaki Persimmon Feast, a series of December events »All Sweetness of Life Market« and the Olive and Chard Feast.

The Wine and Chard Feast took place back in July, at the village of Nova Vas above Dragonja, in Slovenia. Also this event was partially financed by the European Union. The event brought to life cultural heritage and old Istrian customs. The locals have generously opened their picturesque courtyards and offered Istrian specialities on more than 15 stands. More than 2500 people visited the event. Some have tried their skills at culinary workshops, crafting wooden objects, playing the nunalca flute, making Istrian baskets from straw and grinding corn using the paštrin machine. On this occasion, Portorož Tourism Board organised a free bus shuttle from Piran to Nova Vas. In this way, the authentic Istrian atmosphere within Piran's hinterlands was accessible to all.

The project is supported by the Municipality of Piran, the Town of Opatija, Tourism boards of Portorož and Opatija, the Faculty of Tourism Studies from the University of Primorska and the Faculty of Tourism Management and Hospitality from the University of Rijeka. The total value of the project is 840.187,80 Euros.

Photo credits: Portorož Tourism Board & Ivan Pisar Vanc

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