#ifeelsLOVEnia summer campaign has been a major success

Published: 7.9.2018

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#ifeelsLOVEnia summer campaign has been a major success

Today, the summer part of the #ifeelsLOVEnia campaign has come to an end. In the last three months, a 140% increase in the use of #ifeelsLOVEnia on social media channels has been recorded in comparison to similar past periods and the photos received more than 5 million likes.

#ifeelsLOVEnia summer campaign has been a major success

The summer #ifeelsLOVEnia campaign, launched by the Slovenian Tourist Board, which aimed at balancing the number of persons in the most touristic places in redirecting them to the other, less known destinations, was a major success. The campaign took place primarily on social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and it inspired visitors to learn more about what Slovenia has to offer, how awe-inspiring and diverse the nature, culture, and experiences can be. Stunning photos inspired many to visit mysteriously beautiful hidden green corners.

Let’s check some statistics:

  • During the summer campaign, 219,471 new posts on social networks using the #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag were used, which means a 140 % increase in the use of the #ifeelsLOVEnia keyword compared to previous periods. At the time of the campaign, on average, 2300 posts were recorded on a daily basis, most in August.
  • From June to September, posts on social networks using #ifeelsLOVEnia reached more than 60 million users. More than 620,000 posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia have already been recorded until now
  • The photos that were posted with #ifeelsLOVEnia received a total of 5 million likes.

In connection with the campaign, each week a hidden corner of Slovenia is presented. This week, it’s Strunjan cliffs.

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