What's the thing about beer in Kamnik?


Kamnik is home to as many as 5 micro-breweries. Each of these breweries has its own special story. And now it's just about the right time to explore them.

What's the thing about beer in Kamnik?

Kamnik, a charming medieval town, located beneath the peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, does not boast only rich culture and breathtaking nature – it's also the hometown of as many as 5 micro-breweries (Mali Grad Brewery, Maister Brewery, Lampelj Brewery, Barut Brewing and Blending, Pod Menino planino Brewery) and thus an important player on the market. Each of the breweries has its own special story. But they all agree that the reason for establishing the brewery in Kamnik is the fact that water here consists of the exactly right amount of minerals to produce excellent beers.

Read their stories and come to taste their excellent creations! The best way to try all these excellent beers is to visit one of the local pubs and bars – two of them (Pod Skalo Pub and Korobač) serve all the varieties while other bars serve at least one or two. In addition, Mali Grad Brewery, which today produces also gin, has their very own tasting area.

If you're ready to combine this with a visit to unforgettable cultural experiences, here are a few hints for perfect summer nights: today, the 8-day traditional Kamfest Open-Air Festival will start, offering an array of music and art performances, and on the second weekend of September the National Costumes and Clothing Heritage Days, which has been listed among top 20 festivals to visit in Europe by the renowned Guardian, will take place. Additionally, beers are represented each Friday evening (until 17 August) at the so-called KulPetek – weekly open-air food festival.



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