Top photo locations by renowned Slovenian photographer Tomo Jeseničnik

Published: 29.6.2018

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Top photo locations by renowned Slovenian photographer Tomo Jeseničnik

Tomo Jeseničnik, a renowned Slovenian photographer, has worked with several advertising agencies, publishers, newspapers and design studies. He is the author and co-author of numerous photo-monographies, books and tourist publications in Slovenia and abroad. His photos have been published in more than forty foreign and domestic magazines and newspapers.

Top photo locations by renowned Slovenian photographer Tomo Jeseničnik

He reveals his selection of top 5 photo locations in Slovenia:

Kriški podi

Kriški podi is a Karst plateau that rises above Trenta valley. It is surrounded by more than 2000 metres high mountains of Pihavec, Bovški Gamsovec, Stenar, Križ and Razor. The Kriški podi are famous for the highest lying Slovenian lake - Zgornje Kriško jezero (2158 m) and the largest population of the Alpine Capricorn (Capra ibex) in Slovenia. In my opinion, the area is most beautiful summer and in autumn.

Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is certainly one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, not only in Slovenia, but also in Europe. Nestled in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, which surround it like a horseshoe, it clings into the mountains in the north. It is a popular tourist destination, but it still managed to keep some hidden corners where you can experience Alpine nature at its best

Jamnica and Strojna

Jamnica and Strojna are hilly settlements in Carinthia, bordering Austria, the northern neighbour of Slovenia. They are characterized by powerful but scattered farms, which remind of small settlements if seen from afar. The visit to Jamnica and Strojna is the most beautiful in spring, when the larches along the steep slopes turn green and many old fruit trees bloom.


Vilenica is the oldest Slovenian tourist cave. Already in 1633, its owner, Count Petač, allowed the parish to conduct guided tours to this beautiful Karst cave and dispose of all income from admission fees. Vilenica is much smaller than the more famous Postojna Cave or the Škocjan Caves, but it does not lag behind the richness of the dripstone decor.

Lobnica Stream on Pohorje

The Lobnica stream falls from the slopes of Pohorje to Drava river through a steep, wild and picturesque waterfall and creates a breathtakingly beautiful gorge, which forms part of partly protected Šumik Virgin Forest. The structure of the grounds (non-carbonate), which is less typical for Slovenia, makes the gorge especially interesting for visitors in the spring and late autumn, when the leaves change colour and turn rich red and yellow.


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