Elan Alpine Skiing Museum Opens Doors

Published: 29.6.2018

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Elan Alpine Skiing Museum Opens Doors

Elan Alpine Skiing Museum has opened doors on June 21. It is the first museum of its kind and pays tribute to the brand’s history of innovation and Slovenian tradition.

Elan Alpine Skiing Museum Opens Doors

The museum opened doors on June 21 by one of the best skiers of all times and legendary Elan athlete, Ingemar Stenmark. Elan Skis is the Slovenian-based legacy supplier of handcrafted skis and one of the world’s first commercial manufacturers of skiing equipment. The pioneering spirit of the brand inspired the first museum of its kind to showcase a rich history filled with innovations.

From its early beginnings in 1945, Elan established itself with a reputation as a trend-setter and innovator, bringing new technologies and products to market that have changed the history of alpine skiing, from the SCX skis, considered to be the first skis with a deep side-cut shape, to the modern day Amphibio asymmetrical profile and foldable Ibex Tactix skis. The brand has had many achievements endorse the innovations including partnerships with accomplished athletes over the decades such as Stenmark, Bojan Križaj, Mateja Svet, Peter Prevc and Filip Flisar.

The museum is a welcomed establishment to demonstrate the tradition and history of Elan. Elan Chief Executive Director, Jeffrey Tirman said that “Elan is deeply woven into the fabric of the Slovene society and the museum provides a place where people from all over the world can visit and see some of the important contributions Elan has made to sporting history.”

In addition to a large tribute to alpine skiing, the museum exhibition also hosts displays for Elan’s other manufacturing divisions such as sailing vessels, airplanes, gym equipment and blades for wind power stations.

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