Sportida photographers on best cycling photo locations in Slovenia

Published: 24.5.2018

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Sportida photographers on best cycling photo locations in Slovenia

Sportida photo agency has been the official photography provider for the Tour of Slovenia Race (this year, the race takes place 13 – 17 June) for the recent 12 years. Primarily specialized only in sports and sports events, the agency is now expanding their services also to other areas such as events, congresses, newspaper reportage photography etc. Check out their favourite photo locations in Slovenia.

Sportida photographers on best cycling photo locations in Slovenia

In addition to the Tour of Slovenia Race, the agency covers also some other major cycling events around Slovenia. The main distinguishing characteristic of photographing road cycling is time limitation and the fact that the races usually take place during the day, meaning that there is no possibility to wait for the best light or make romantic shots of sunrises and sunsets. But still, thanks to everchanging weather conditions and the diversity of the landscape, photographers manage to catch a number of breathtaking moments.

The photos are usually taken from the accompanying motorcycle, which means everything is happening really quickly – sometimes, the cyclists can reach the speed of up to 70km/hrs. This requests quick decisions about which motifs to photograph. The forefront are of course cyclists, but there are many inspiring motifs in the background, such as rivers, lakes, hills, buildings, monuments, churches, bridges, trains, animals and nevertheless the fans, which make photographing much more interesting and inspiring.

Here is the selection of top photographs from the cycling races perspective. Selection was made by Vid Ponikvar, one of the photographers in the team, who has more than 20 years experience in the photography.

  1. Ptuj

The oldest Slovenian town with the castle hill and Drava river makes a fantastic scenery, which many do not notice at first glance. But its immense beauty mixed with centuries old traditions, including UNESCO listed kurenti, attracts visitors to return to the town over and over again.


  1. Boka Waterfall, Trenta Valley and the ascent to Vršič

The historic places nestled in Soča Valley and natural pearls like Boka Waterfall are simply breathtaking and offer a number of great photo ops. If you head further, towards Kranjska Gora across Vršič Pass, an array of beautiful views of the valley and the Julian Alps opens in front of you.


  1. Otočec

If you are going to the south-eastern part of Slovenia, a visit to Otočec Castle surrounded with the mesmerizing green Krka River is a must. You can continue your journey to Novo mesto, the cradle of Slovenian cycling, and cross the Kandi bridge to the recently reconstructed main square.


  1. Ljubljana

The pocket-sized capital of Slovenia is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourism is booming, especially in the recent times, with a number of cute places opening up, especially in the old town, which simply calls for a photo.


  1. Izola

The Slovenian coast might be small, but it hides many lovely places, which charm you with scenic spots. Our favourite here is Izola, the coastal town, which hosts a cycling race already in the winter time, in February. Mild climate makes the area perfect also for winterr cycling.

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