Let's celebrate World Bee Day together!

Published: 8.5.2018

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Let's celebrate World Bee Day together!

On 20 December 2017, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) declared 20 May World Bee Day. The main purpose of World Bee Day is to raise awareness about the significance of the bees and other pollinators for humanity. In addition, this is also an opportunity for experts, politicians, members of the economy and the general public to discuss the challenges related to conserving bees and define actions to ensure their survival.

Let's celebrate World Bee Day together!

Slovenia is the land of bees. The land, where the tradition of beekeeping is written in the roots of the nation. The land, which with four beekeepers per thousand inhabitants ranks first among the world’s beekeeping nations. And last but not least: the land where the first World Bee Day will be celebrated on 20 May.

A number of bee-related events will be held 18-20 May, crowned by the celebration on Sunday, 20 May in Breznica, Žirovnica, which will start with the official part attended by the President of the Republic of Slovenia. This will be followed by a gathering of Slovenian beekeepers and a smaller bee related open-air fair in the so-called Honey Village, with more than 80 stands offering bee products and cottage industry products.

Renowned international media, experts and politicians have already confirmed their participation. Apart from the conference on 18 May in Žirovnica, international ministerial press conference on 19 May, and the celebration on 20 May, the Slovenian Tourism Board has also organized an api-tourism oriented 5-day press trip. Next to bee-related locations, the journalists will also have a chance to explore the cultural landmarks of the country.

A number of other events will be held all over Slovenia, aiming to prove that bees are essential to our survival. In the eastern part of Slovenia, close to Maribor, the so-called Honey Day will take place at Sončni Raj Estate. Last year, more than 9,500 autochthonous honey plants were planted within the Zasadimo.si (Let’s Plant) project and this laid the foundations for developing a larger bee-oriented story. More information is available here.

On this occasion, Slovenia will issue a memorial 2 Euro coin. Janez Bizjak, the author of design, sought inspiration in the world of bees: as a result, the motif on the coin is a globe-shaped honeycomb. The coins will be available for purchase also online at: www.dbs.si/numizmatika/kovanci

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