The story of the Beauty and the Beer

Published: 19.4.2018

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The story of the Beauty and the Beer

Ever heard of the Beauty and the Beer? Visit Žalec, a tiny town located in the Lower Savinja Valley, close to Celje, which is known for its hop-growing heritage and thus often nicknamed “the Slovenian capital of beer brewing” and get to know the story.

The story of the Beauty and the Beer

For 2018, which marks the Year of European Cultural Heritage, Žalec has designed several innovative products connecting local culture and tradition with gastronomy and active outdoor experiences.

Rich hop-growing tradition which flourished in the Lower Savinja Valley already in late 19th century, is the element which connects tours and experiences in Žalec and surrounding area.  With the world’s first beer fountain, which is a dream-come-true for all beer lovers, Eco-Museum of hop-growing and brewing industry, a series of events, which promote the tradition of beer brewing, culinary and cycling tours and last but not least: the concept of the “scattered hotel”, Žalec is the place to visit in 2018!

The Green Gold Fountain is a tribute to hop-growing tradition of the Lower Savinja Valley and the town itself. Opened in 2016, this beer fountain represents a unique feature, which has already attracted more than 100,000 visitors from across the world. Surrounded by fields of hop plantations, it represents a perfect place for promoting the culture of beer drinking. From June to October, numerous events, such as The Beach at the Beer Fountain, Open-air Kitchen at the Fountain and the Green Gold Festival will take place there.

The latter will also feature an operetta about the Hop Princess – the most desired beauty in the valley, which will be staged on 5 September. Composed by Slovenian musician Radovan, the witty operetta describes the beauties and traditions of the Lower Savinja Valley by featuring the story of Kukec family and Simon Kukec, who invented his own way of welding beer on the basis of thermal water and hops. The heroine Darinka (The Hop Princess) will be performed by top opera soprano Mojca Bitenc, featured also in the promotional campaign of Žalec. Kukec Beer is still welded in Laško Union Brewery, which once belonged to Kukec, who is considered the pioneer of the Slovenian brewing tradition. Visitors can have a sip of this legendary beer at the beer fountain.

In addition, local restaurants will serve local dishes typical for Lower Savinja Valley, which are collected under Green Gold brand, among them also The Hop Princess, the dish which will serve as a nice introduction into the story of the Beauty and the Beer.

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