Why Slovenia is a leading Country for Fly Fishing

Published: 5.4.2018

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Why Slovenia is a leading Country for Fly Fishing

A country fast becoming one of the world’s leading green destinations, Slovenia is home to an abundance of wild rivers, steep gorges and breathtaking alpine plains. As well as gaining the reputation as one of the world’s leading green destinations, Slovenia is fast becoming known as one of the finest fly-fishing destinations in the world.

Why Slovenia is a leading Country for Fly Fishing

The opportunity to enjoy cascades, deep pools, wild gorges, and a breathtaking diversity of landscape has attracted fishermen to Slovenia for years. The country is home to 28,000 km crystal clear waters that take their course from either the Adriatic river basin, where the River Soča begins, or the Danube, where River Sava has helped Slovenia gain its highly esteemed name among fishermen.

While many species of fish are artificially stocked in Europe, Slovenia’s preferred fly fishing method is self-sustaining. Its 'catch and release' nature uses artificial flies which do little damage to the fish and can be achieved in the majority of Slovenia’s rivers, streams and lakes. The top fly-fishing river in Slovenia is the Soča, where the indigenous Marble trout can be find, followed by the Sava and their tributaries.

Where to fly fish in Slovenia

While the emerald River Sava Bohinjka offers a unique destination for fly-fishing - the only type of fishing it allows in its waters - making this one of the most popular areas to fly fish. The Rivers Unica, Kolpa and Iščica bear a bio-diversity difficult to match, while the River Savinja, whose power has carved its way through the rocks of its upper valley, remains a hidden gem among Slovenian fishermen.

In Slovenia’s abundance of freshwater lakes, visitors can catch catfish, pike, and scale carp, with fishing in both Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj a popular pursuit and in western Slovenia the Idrija Hills and the crystal clear River Idrijca attracts its visitors. Its verdant hue reflects the riverbanks while the trees, which grow to the water’s edge, can be seen deep in its pools and cascades.

Slovenian Landscape

Where the mighty Alps meet the Mediterranean and the peaceful Pannonian Plain meets the mysterious Karst, Slovenia is home to some of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes. As well as fly fishing, Slovenia’s rivers and landscapes can be used for an array of outdoor pursuits from white water rafting on the Soca River to ice climbing at Mlačca Gorge. The Julian Alps, whose majestic alpine trails take visitors high above the clouds, was recently recognised within The Lonely Planet’s top three destinations to visit in 2018, while the country’s crystal clear lakes like Lake Bled is fast becoming one of the most highly regarded sites in Europe.

About Slovenia

Slovenia has 93 freshwater fish species, of which 33 are protected. There are 25 fish species particularly favoured by anglers. Most of these can also be fished and caught with artificial flies.

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