Love is in the air

Published: 9.3.2018

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Love is in the air

As the world’s only country with the word ‘love’ in its name, it’s no surprise that Slovenia has a special day to celebrate love: next to Valentine’s Day in February, St. Gregory’s day is celebrated on 12 March.

Love is in the air

In Slovenia, love is in the air year-round, but lovers can celebrate it at least on two separate occasions: next to Valentine's Day in February, St. Gregory’s Day is celebrated on 12 March. As tradition has it, birds are joined in wedlock on St. Gregory’s Day. In the past, the maidens looked up into the sky on this day, as it was believed that the first bird they would see would show them what type of husband they will end up marrying with. St. Gregory’s Day is also the day when the first hint of spring fills the air.

Slovenia is one of the most romantic countries in the world and if you are searching for a romantic getaway, here are a few reasons, why Slovenia should be put on your bucket list.

Better known as the City of Lovers, Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, directly translates ’the beloved’ - and it could be considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Visitors can take a boat ride along the Ljubljanica River before locking a padlock on the Bridge of Love.

In the north-eastern part of the country, a perfectly shaped love heart road lies in Špičnik, just a 25 minute drive from one of Slovenia’s most abundant wine regions, Maribor. Home to the oldest grape vine in the world, Maribor is an idyllic haven for couples hoping to wine and dine on their romantic retreat. While there, be sure to visit the Old Vine House, which has been pruning the oldest vine in the world for over 400 years. Here, you can indulge in a variety of wine tasting experiences.

Slovenia’s Lipica region is home to Europe’s oldest stud farm where the majestic Lipizzaner horse has been bred for over 400 years. Take a tour of the breathtakingly romantic Lipica Stud Farm estate, where you can visit the Lipizzaner horse and carriage museum before watching the Lipizzaner horses train with the most transfixing beauty at the Lipica Classical Riding School.

Nearby, on the Slovenian coast, one of the country’s most romantic spots, the medieval coastal town of Piran is located. While there, couples can toast to their love with a glass of Dulcis Mare, Slovenia’s exclusive sparkling wine from the Brda Hills which is matured for two years in the depth of the ocean, 18 metres deep in the sea of Piran Bay.

No romantic getaway to Slovenia is complete without visiting Lake Bled. With panoramic views stretching out across the Gorenjska region, it is enough to turn anyone starry eyed. Couples can take a romantic boat ride to Bled Island and ring the chapel’s bell of wishes together for the ultimate dating venture.

Slovenia is also home to an array of spa resorts promoting health, wellness and selfness. Spas pamper their visitors in natural environments throughout the country with a range of natural wellness methods including rituals, massage and physical activity. Something special is definitely the fact that Slovenia treats its visitors to an array of honey spa experiences, including honey spas and tasting tours.

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