Taste Slovenia and join the winter gastronomy press tour

Published: 9.1.2018

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Taste Slovenia and join the winter gastronomy press tour

In January, the winter gastronomy press tour will take place in Slovenia on the occasion of the Gourmet Cup 2018, which will host many internationally recognised chefs including Ana Roš, the World’s Best Female Chef in 2017. The event will be followed by a gastronomic tour of the east of Slovenia.

Taste Slovenia and join the winter gastronomy press tour

This winter’s 3rd Gourmet Cup, held from 27th-30th January at Krvavec, one of the most popular Slovenian ski resorts, and in Ljubljana, will successfully combine the Slovenian love of skiing and of excellent food. This year, the event hosts Michelin star chefs. One of the most unforgettable experiences will feature a spectacular “experience dinner” hosted at Ljubljana Castle by Ana Roš, Luka Jezeršek and a rising star among Austrian chefs, and another will be the Cable Car Dinner in the magical ambience of the snow-capped mountains, with three top chefs on board.

The event will bring together some of the most notable Slovenian and international guests in the field of culinary excellence. The main innovation of the Gourmet Cup 2018 is the interesting professional lectures and themed panels. According to Martin Jezeršek, the general manager of Jezeršek gostinstvo, the main organiser, “the Gourmet Cup has the ambition to become the most important culinary event in the international region.”

The winter gastronomy press tour of Slovenia is scheduled from 29 January-2 February. All the costs, including flights, accommodation, food, a gala dinner and other experiences are covered by the Slovenian Tourist Board. The tour will start on the third day of Gourmet Cup, with an experience dinner at Ljubljana Castle, and continue with a day in the snow. Afterwards, the participants will explore Slovenia: taste the best wines, learn about traditional dishes and experience the local diversity. For more information, please contact us at press@slovenia.info and submit the media application form.

2017 was a spectacular year for Slovenian gastronomy. The world queen of innovative cuisine, Ana Roš, was in the spotlight after her appearance on the Netflix series Chef’s Table. The cherry on the top of many successful cooking shows around the world, the exchange of ideas and the creative workshops with other culinary masterminds of the planet was the award of the title World’s Best Female Chef 2017. Today, culinary critics from different parts of the world are paying more and more attention to Slovenia, describing it as the next big destination for foodies. No wonder: Slovenia has over 20 gastronomic regions and bottles some of the world’s finest wines. Creatively prepared dishes are made of local, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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