Bled among Top 10 Winter Destinations on Instagram


The Lonely Planet has issued the most popular winter destinations for Instagram lovers, and Bled ranks among the top 10! The emerald lake, surrounded by Alpine peaks and with a tiny island and an impressive Gothic church in the middle, has been a landmark of Slovenia since ancient times.

Bled among Top 10 Winter Destinations on Instagram

Long ago, it was a place of worship and the temple of the Slavic goddess Živa (“lively” in Slovenian). Today it is a must-see destination. Last winter for several weeks nobody needed the traditional pletna boat to get to the island, because the lake was frozen hard and became a fairytale winter playground. Winter is the perfect time to feel the romantic atmosphere of Bled. One of its wellness and spa centres is named after the goddess Živa, and offers a picture perfect view of the lake and island. 

A famous Slovenian dessert comes from Bled; over ten million of the world-renowned Bled cream cakes (kremšnite) have been made at the patisserie of the Park Hotel by Lake Bled. The original recipe of the master confectioner, Ištvan Lukačevič, has remained unchanged since 1953.

On Bled island, visitors can enjoy the sweetest exhibition in the country, focused on potica, the classic Slovenian cake, made of rolled dough and stuffed with a filling selected from more than 80 possible varieties, such as walnuts and raisins or cheese and estragon. Potica will not be missing from any festive table in Slovenia during Christmas time!



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