Wine and food celebrations in full swing

Published: 13.11.2017

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Wine and food celebrations in full swing

It´s St. Martin´s time, and the wine celebrations are in full swing all around the country! Many Slovenian destinations have prepared excellent programmes for foodies throughout November. Ptuj, one of the oldest Slovenian towns, is celebrating its Month of Culinary Delights, while Ljubljana is all about the November Gourmet. The land of Green Gold in Žalec has just closed the famous beer fountain for the winter and opened the season of Beers & Bites. Kranj is hosting wine tastings in the secret underground tunnels, while Nova Gorica tourism will soon connect the best local restaurants and tourist farms with traditional dishes, prepared with Gorizia chicory.  

Wine and food celebrations in full swing

The biggest St. Martin´s feasts were scheduled for this weekend, but the joyous food and wine spirit will continue throughout November. Ptuj's culinary month (Mesec ptujske kulinarike) connects selected restaurants from Ptuj, offering tasty dishes with authentic local flavours. They are accompanied by excellent wines from the region, which is known for the beauty that even stopped crusaders on their way to the Middle East, according to legend; instead of continuing on their way, they stayed a while and named the wine-growing region Jerusalem.

In November, Ljubljana is the gastronomic capital of Slovenia, with a series of exciting events. 

The final event of the festival, scheduled for the last weekend in November, will give a new dimension to the Taste Ljubljana Tour and will include a spectacular cookery show. During November Gourmet the Taste Ljubljana Culinary Tour, the Ljubljana Wine Experience, and the Beer Lover's Experience of Ljubljana, organised by Ljubljana Tourism, are offered at lower promotional prices. Selected restaurants are offering the November Gourmet menu with local dishes typical of the season around the Feast of St. Martin, and great wines from Slovene winemakers.

In Kranj, the secret underground path in the Tunnels under the Old Town becomes one of the most adventurous wine routes. More than 155 Slovenian winemakers have already exhibited their wines beneath the ground. It is still possible to get tickets for the wine tastings for next weekend. Slovenia is a definitely a wine miniature of the whole of Europe, known for its excellent award-winning wines. Nine Slovenian wine makers are in the spotlight at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair, where Slovenia is presenting itself as a country with a rich wine and food culture. Besides the wine tastings, the typical Slovenian interactive installation of beehives is the main attraction. Celebrate the time of autumn delights in Slovenia!


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