Wine and Vine, the Magical Duo in Slovenia

Published: 29.9.2017

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Wine and Vine, the Magical Duo in Slovenia

Slovenian wine makers are ready for the new harvest of wine. In autumn, wine and vines are two magic words in Slovenia, as this is Europe in miniature when it comes to grape varieties. Slovenia is the home country of the oldest vine in the world in Maribor and many famous wineries. Movia from Brda, half-way between the Alps and the Mediterranean, has made it once again onto the list of TOP 100 wineries in the world, proclaimed by the Wine & Spirits magazine.

Wine and Vine, the Magical Duo in Slovenia

In October and November the biggest wine celebrations will start. The events at the Old Vine Festival in Maribor will launch St. Martin´s time today with the harvest of the oldest vine in the world. Maribor will warm up the whole of Slovenia until 11th November. St. Martin's wine and food feasts will take place all over the country during this time. Some of the most popular Martinovanje events are in:

- Brda the land of the famous Slovenian wineries, including award-winning MOVIA, where they open the old wine cellars in the medieval village of Šmartno;  

- Nova Gorica city centre, where the Four Tastes of the Countryside lead the way to the city centre with more than 20 wineries and farmsteads;

- Karst, where the hop on - hop off bus travels around open wine cellars in cobblestoned karstic villages.

- Novo mesto, with the taste of Cviček, unique Slovenian wine

Autumn is the perfect time to taste Slovenia and all the gifts of nature. You can even book Cooking and Wine Tasting holidays at one of the most sustainably oriented Slovenian travel agencies. Local women in Brda,the  Karst and the Vipava Valley are willing to share their secrets with guests. A visit to top quality Slovenian wineries and restaurants is included, as well as breathtaking views of the Alps and the Mediterranean.

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