Slovenian message on the World Tourism Day

Published: 29.9.2017

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Slovenian message on the World Tourism Day

This year's World Tourism Day theme could not be more suitable for Slovenia: Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development. The Slovenia Green model of sustainable tourism serves as a global example of good practice, and National Geographic has awarded Slovenia with a World Legacy Award in Destination Leadership. On 27th September, the Slovenian Tourist Board organised a special study tour of sustainable practices in tourism. The love of nature, the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage, hospitality, and peace are crucial to sustainable development and a better future, according to the UNWTO message on World Tourism Day. In Slovenia, all these values are at the heart of our identity, shaped by the four geographical and cultural divisions: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst region and the Pannonian Plain.

Slovenian message on the World Tourism Day

The UN General Assembly declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Slovenian tourism, representing 12% of national GDP, has gone through a remarkable metamorphosis in recent years. As the first country with an overall assessment of sustainability, Slovenia achieved 96% compliance with international criteria set by the Green Destinations Standard.

The Minister of Economy and Technological Development of the Republic of Slovenia, Zdravko Počivalšek, said: “Together we are stronger in our efforts to build a sustainable future in tourism. This will contribute to growth in employment, to the revitalisation of our cultural heritage, and to the protection of our environment, while allowing us to spread a message of peace, prosperity and mutual respect.”

Today our vision of 100% green Slovenia is supported by a unique model of sustainability practice. In today's world it is essential to develop sustainable tourist products which are authentic and unique, adding value to the experience of a guest without compromising natural and cultural resources.” said Maja Pak, MSc,the Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organisation, recognised the efforts of Slovenia on the way to sustainability long ago, and once said if you have not visited Slovenia, you have not lived yet. His call to the world on International Tourism Day was in accordance with the belief of the local communities in Slovenia: respect nature, respect culture,  and respect your host.

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