Timeless historical towns and cities of Slovenia

Published: 12.9.2017

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Timeless historical towns and cities of Slovenia

Each town or city tells its live story every day. Story tellers are local merchants, innkeepers, artists and street musicians, craftsmen on the squares, and young creative people in parks, residents who adore their town or city and share its heritage with the visitors. Old Slovenian towns and cities, full of specific features and heritage charm, are connected under the Association of Historical Cities of Slovenia.  

Timeless historical towns and cities of Slovenia

Central and Alpine Slovenia

Kranj is the capital of the Slovenian Alps and a unique town rising above the 30-meter deep canyon of the Kokra River; it has a medieval structure and from a distance it looks like an imposing balcony under the Alps. The fairy-tale Mali Grad above Kamnik, a town known for its Trnič "cheese of love ", produced by shepherds on Velika Planina, spoils visitors with a wonderful panoramic view of the  Kamnik and Savinja Alps. Tržič, a small town located under the 2000-meter peaks of the Karawanks, flourished along the old trade route and is known for its crafts, in particular for shoemaking. Still today you can see "curiosity" windows lining the street, from where you can look down on what is happening in town. Škofja Loka is a town with one of the most picturesque medieval centres in Slovenia and is home to Škofja Loka Passion Play, the oldest Slovenian play performed every six years on the town streets as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Stara Sava in Jesenice was for several centuries an ironworks settlement; today it is the most important technical monument in Slovenia.   Metlika is a town in the south of Slovenia with a picturesque town centre located on the Kolpa River. It embodies the soul of the Bela Krajina region, known for its hospitality and authenticity. The Metlika Castle is home to the Bela Krajina Museum and a wine cellar famous for its precious red wine Metliška Črnina.


Mediterranean Slovenia

Get to know the oldest Slovenian mining town Idrija, famous for its mercury mine, the once second-largest mercury mine in the world, which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Koper, a Slovenian town with a still strong Venetian charm, was in the past part of the flourishing Venetian Republic. In September 2018 Koper invites you to the biggest Slovenian festival of desserts "Sweet Istria". Piran is the most romantic medieval town in Slovenia and has appeared in several movies. It flourished with the salt trade. The Piran fleur de sel is still today one of its most appreciated culinary specialties. 


Pannonian Slovenia

Novo mesto, a town located along the branches of the green Krka River, presents a creative story of the Hallstatt culture, which created  the unique ceremonial vessel called situla and had an impact on the proud local character. At the Krka River there rises the mighty Žužemberk Castle, dating back to the 13th century and named after the murmuring of the Krka River.

Kostanjevica na Krki, the only Slovenian town on an island, invites art lovers. In the gallery and the former Cistercian monastery you can admire classical and modern art works. Slovenske Konjice is a town with a thousand-year history. It developed at the crossroads of trade linking West and East. It also has the oldest inn in Slovenia. The most mysterious cultural sight in this area is the Žička Kartuzija monastery, where you can still find a traditional monastic herb garden. The former Roman town Poetovio, today Ptuj, is a historical town with the oldest wine cellar and the oldest Slovenian wine, which makes it attractive for lovers of wine culture and tradition.

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