Eager for the joys of winter


Winter transforms active and healthy Slovenia into a white fairy tale, spoiling snow enthusiasts with snowy slopes. Lower temperatures and a favourable climate provide conditions for lots of natural snow, which remains on the ground until spring. Slovenia has 43 ski resorts and ski centres with more than 300 km of well-maintained ski trails. Most of them are only a few minutes' drive away from larger towns. Every year snow provides inspiration for new adventures, which your guests are sure to remember. Winter also announces a magical time – Christmas and New Year festivities and events.

Eager for the joys of winter

Down the white slopes before the New Year

 In winter in Slovenia there is nothing better than flying down a white hillside and soaking up the sun in front of an alpine cottage amidst snow-covered peaks. The Krvavec Ski Centre is only a one-hour drive from Ljubljana. It offers more than 30 kilometres of well-maintained ski trails and a wonderful view of the Ljubljana Basin. In the most north-west corner of Slovenia, there is the Kranjska Gora Ski Resort, which is just a few steps from the town centre. Every year Kranjska Gora also organises a competition for the Vitranc Trophy. The ski course there is considered to be the toughest competition ski course of the International Ski Federation. The Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Centre in the Štajerska region organises an international women's skiing World Cup event every year. The ski centre, which is the centre of winter sports and activities in this part of Slovenia, is not only famous for its Golden Fox World Cup race but is also one of the longest illuminated ski slopes in Europe, which makes it in particular suitable for night skiing. We also invite you to take a look at what other Slovenian ski resorts have to offer, which apart from skiing also offer unique snow adventures ranging from snowshoe hikes to igloo building. 


Festive fairs 

During the time before the New Year Slovenian towns and cities turn into idyllic Christmas villages with festive markets and fairs. The true fairy tale begins at the beginning of December, when Christmas lights are switched on along the streets and squares of Ljubljana. At that time the Christmas Market opens and the streets smell of cinnamon, mulled wine and love. The old city centre plays host to countless music and cultural events. In Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city, the Christmas atmosphere is similar; the city centre turns into a magic area filling the streets and squares with festive music. Children will most enjoy Christmas time in Celje, which turns into a real fairy-tale land. In the centre of the Princes' town fairies will take visitors on numerous adventures through the New Year.



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