Slovenia welcomes the fruits of autumn


Travelling in September and October has many advantages. On the one hand, you avoid the hustle and bustle, while on the other nature slowly starts to put on its magnificent autumn colours. There is a large choice of destinations and activities. You can relax in the Slovenian natural health resorts and spas, go on a hiking or biking trip around the green landscape, and enjoy autumn’s culinary delights.

Slovenia welcomes the fruits of autumn

Welcome autumn in one of the 14 Slovenian natural spas and health resorts. There are around one hundred natural thermal and mineral water sources, and Slovenia is known worldwide for some of the best wellness centres and spas.

The nature of Slovenia is impressive because as much as 66% of the country is covered by forests, and large parts are protected nature reserves (one national park, 3 regional parks, 44 landscape parks and 52 nature reserves). Explore them on foot or by bike. There are more than 15,000 km of mountain and themed walking trails, and over 2,600 km of cycling tours.

In autumn, Slovenia’s harvests are also gathered and the products of the country are the ingredients of delicious local dishes. Try our top quality wines, and don’t miss the wine festivals and holidays. On 11th November, Slovenia celebrates St. Martin’s Day, a celebration of wine traditions and the year’s new wine. There are celebrations around the entire country, with Maribor hosting the biggest.



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