Dolenjska and Bela krajina to have new bike rental systems


The south-eastern region of Slovenia is beautiful to explore by bike. In Novo mesto, self-service bicycle rentals will be available from October onwards, while in Bela Krajina, at the Kolpa River, an e-bike network will be established, renting electric bikes. Discover the romantic hills and green meadows in the embrace of Slovenia’s warmest river.

Dolenjska and Bela krajina to have new bike rental systems

The regions of Dolenjska and Bela krajina are landscapes of meadows, forests and pretty green rivers; a cradle of picturesque places and sincere, hospitable people. These landscapes are perfect for various forms of outdoor recreation, since they have a dynamic terrain for cycling. There are around 450 km of cycling trails in the area.

In Novo mesto, the biggest city in the Dolenjska region, the bike rental system will first include five independent stations with five bikes. The rental stations will be at Novi trg, at Slavko Grum Street and at the shopping center BTC in Bršljin; the other two will be determined according to the distance from the other stations, the number of potential users and the relevance of bike connections.

Along the Kolpa River, which is known for campsites on its banks, the bike rental system will include electric bikes. The E-network will include the area between Stari trg, Vinica with Drenovec, Adlešiči and Metlika.

The project of setting up the bike rental systems also includes presentation activities in five local communities, the organisation of cycling and thematic tours in the network area, a new mobile app and promotional materials, and the training of two cycling guides.



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