New Path of Shepherd's Dwarves on Krvavec


Are you ready for a new adventure? Go on the Path of the Shepherd's Dwarves on Krvavec, which reveals the secrets of the shepherd's lifestyle on the mountain. The new family adventure takes you through the forests and pastures of Krvavec and spoils you with magnificent views of the Ljubljana basin. The Path is full of other surprises.

New Path of Shepherd's Dwarves on Krvavec

Krvavec is known as the closest ski resort to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital; it’s only half-an-hour’s drive to get there. In the summertime, the high mountain plateau is perfect for a family getaway. At the beginning of July, Krvavec set up the Path of the Shepherd's Dwarves, a new fairytale adventure trail that takes you through the shady forests and green mountain pastures. The entire family can enjoy a treasure hunt, visit the Dwarf’s garden and experience the lifestyle of the shepherd’s hut.

With the help of the Dwarf’s notebook and signs, children can solve tasks and search for the symbols of Dwarves’ language. On your way along the Path, you pass 16 wooden sculptures of imaginary and real creatures and animals that have made their home at Krvavec.

Tickets are available at the cable car station of Krvavec ski resort, which operates daily from 9am to 7pm.


Photo: RTC Krvavec



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