Become the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia

Published: 15.5.2017

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Become the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia

As part of pre-activities for the Tour of Slovenia cycling race, Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) invites cyclists to participate in the competition for the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia. Between 30 May and 4 June 2017, the winners will have a chance to experience the unforgettable cycling adventure in Slovenia. What is more, while they will cycle from one place to another, they will be equipped with cameras and enable the public to join their cycling adventure through digital channels. The Tour of Slovenia Cycling Race will for the first time in history be broadcast by the most watched TV sports network, Eurosport.

Become the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia

"Slovenia is a hidden green gem, the land of great five-star active experiences. Breath-taking well-preserved nature, pleasant climate, good infrastructure and more than 8,000 kilometres of cycling paths are an excellent prospect for active vacation. By launching the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia campaign, we want to enable selected cyclists to experience an unforgettable adventure and feel, taste and see Slovenia from a totally different perspective. We promise an active cycling experience in the land of well-preserved nature and unique unforgettable adventure,” said Maja Pak, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board at the announcement of the project. All travel costs, including experienced cycling guides, bicycle equipment, accommodation and excellent culinary experience are covered by the STB. You can apply here, no later than by 25 May.

Cycling is written in the genes of Slovenians

The oldest wheel in the world, which is 5,200 years old, was found in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. This shows that cycling has always been one of the most popular ways for active leisure among the inhabitants of this green, active and healthy country. At the same time, Slovenia is a popular cycling destination also among tourists from abroad; its exceptional location and diverse landscapes are attractive for road cyclists as well as those who like to cycle off-road. You can cycle through the varied landscapes, including hills and plains, mountain peaks and forests, the coast and the Karst landscape, the underground and along the rivers and lakes of Slovenia.

Fight for green

Slovenia attracts also top athletes and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world who come here to participate in numerous cycling marathons and other events. One of them is Tour of Slovenia Cycling Race, which this year takes place between 15 and 18 June. This year's 24th race will be held under the sustainable eloquent slogan “Fight for green”, which directly implies to the fact that the participating cyclists will fight for the leading green jersey, and in broader sense to the sustainable commitments of Slovenia, which Slovenia successfully follows as the world’s first green destination. Efforts to maintain clean, healthy and well-preserved environment, which are the key competitive advantages of Slovenia, have now become an important element of the cycling race.

The Tour of Slovenia 2017 to be broadcast live by Eurosport

The Tour of Slovenia cycling race, which will be attended by approximately 140 riders from 18 teams registered so far, including five top professional teams of the World Tour, will for the first time in history be broadcast live by the pan-European sports TV network Eurosport. This means that over 113 million bike enthusiasts in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East will watch the race. The almost 650-kilometre race will feature four stages: the first one will be from Koper to Kočevje, the second will start and finish in Ljubljana, the third, considered the toughest, will be held between Celje and Rogla and the last between Rogaska Slatina and Novo mesto.

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