It’s all about the bee buzz in Slovenia


The old Slovenian saying tells that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture. Among every thousand citizens of Slovenia, four people are beekeepers. The Slovenian Professional Guides Association (KPTVS) and Slovenian Beekepers’ Association, have established the first api-tourist guide licences for Slovenia. The guide designation is unique in the world. As ambassadors of Slovenian api-tourism, api-tourist guides represent a connection between the providers of beekeeping tourism and tourists. Get to know the world of the Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica), autochthonous peace-loving bee which is the second most widespread species in the world. Their beehives are genuine treasure houses of health – offering benefits ranging from sweet honey to the healthful products used in apitherapy treatments.

It’s all about the bee buzz in Slovenia

Not far from Ljubljana, a special sleeping chamber, incorporated in a beehive, was open to promote the healing power of bee-company during the sleep. In 2016 and 2017, the Slovenian Professional Guide Association and the Slovenian Beekepers’ Association have been educating the first two cohorts of professional beekeeping tourist guides. During theory lessons, the guides learned about the history of beekeeping in Slovenia and abroad, Slovenian apiary, the life of bees, the work of beekeepers, basic equipment, products, bees and api-tourism. During the practical part of the course, the participants visited several providers of api-tourism in Slovenia, as well as in Croatia and Italy.

Join the organised api-tours, visit the local beekeepers and relax in apitherapy in Slovenia with the help of a professional api-guide. They work closely with the Slovenian Beekepers’ Association and ApiRoutes, a Slovenian tourist agency specialising in themed excursions related to beekeeping and api-tourism. They will be glad to take you on the beekeeping routes of Žirovnica, which is the cradle of beekeeping located near the apiary of Anton Janša, the father of Slovenian beekeeping; on the Bela Krajina educational trail, located in the area of the Kolpa Natural Park; or on the Beekeeping educational trail on Lake Cerknica, among others. The mysteries of the bees will be revealed to you, including why honey tastes so good, why it is so healthy, and why api-tourism is so beneficial.

Visit Slovenia, the land of bees!



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