Meet the finalists of Snovalec (The Inventor) award

Published: 24.4.2017

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Meet the finalists of Snovalec (The Inventor) award

Development and innovative projects are the future of Slovenian tourism. The Slovenian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia, have selected the finalists of the Snovalec (The Inventor) award for the recognition of creative and innovative ideas and projects in tourism. The Snovalec award encourages the promotion and fulfilment of new ideas in tourism, which will, when they are implemented in the future. This year, the professional jury chose 4 finalists from 45 applications.

Meet the finalists of Snovalec (The Inventor) award

ARS VIVA – Active tourism for mobility-impaired people

The Institute for Cultural Integration and Socialisation Of Social Groups, ARS VIVA, wants to offer tourism products with a focus on promotion of an active lifestyle for physically-disabled people. Their idea includes investment in specialised bicycles, which will be available for rent at the Youth Hostel Ars Viva. The hostel specialises in accessible tourism and wants to add another activity that will upgrade the range of accessible and sustainable tourism in the Notranjska Karst region.


ABC rent-a-car and tourism – a culinary adventure by museum steam train

Spice up your spring and visit our unforgettable gastronomic steam train ride on the Bohinj railway. ABC Tourism has merged the treasures of local Slovenian cuisine and adventure on the most picturesque train journey in Slovenia. The food will be prepared by the students of the Higher Vocational College for Hospitality and Tourism Bled, who will also contribute to an entertainment programme that connects the past and the present in a story that will certainly remain in your memory. Join them on 13th May.


Jurij Ravnik – climbing vacation on Kraški rob (at the edge of the Kras)

Jurij offers a development of sport climbing holidays in the area of the Karst edge (hinterland of the Slovenian coast, northern region). The climbing holidays usually last one week; the package includes transfer from the airport and back, accommodation and meals, transport from the accommodation to the location of climbing, all necessary equipment and of course a climbing instructor or guide.


Sončna trgovina - the legend of the dragon and tarragon

Ales Pevc will develop a line of culinary souvenirs, Dragon Fire, which are based on tarragon. In addition to the traditional dishes of Ljubljana, covered in the book “Tastes of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana cake”, the Slovenian capital will also get a uniquely recognisable culinary specialty.

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