The new digital look of hiking and biking in Slovenia


Be inspired for an active retreat in Slovenia by the new, refreshed design of the Hiking & Biking Slovenia website. It offers information about destinations, routes and trails and specialised accommodation, and suggests top adventures you simply must try. It is divided into two sections – one for hiking and the other for biking.

The new digital look of hiking and biking in Slovenia

Hiking & Biking Slovenia’s official website has a new look. It follows the latest digital trends and is full of inspirational pictures and beautiful views you can see for yourself in green, active and healthy Slovenia. It has a responsive design, which allows users to explore the site on smaller screens, such as a phone or tablet. For easier use, the website is translated into English.

Hiking & Biking Slovenia specialises in activities connected to hiking and biking, two of the most popular sports in Slovenia. Almost every Slovene has a pair of hiking boots or a bike at home, and nature is only a short distance away from the city centres. Annually, the association organises various hiking festivals that take place all year round in different corners of Slovenia. At the festivals, you can join organised hiking trips, workshops about safe mountaineering, and enjoy thematic evenings, like alpine movie nights and music concerts.

The dynamic landscape of Slovenia, with its natural beauty, is ideal for an active holiday. Here, you are sure to find paths and trails suitable for you and your friends and family. Due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate, you can go hiking and biking almost all year round. While on your active getaway, you can stay at specialised accommodation for hikers and bikers which provide maps and other useful information. Find out more at the official website of Hiking & Biking Slovenia.



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