Sevnica - the place where the new First Lady of the US grew up

Published: 20.1.2017

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Sevnica - the place where the new First Lady of the US grew up

Sevnica is a town on the left bank of the Sava River in central Slovenia, where the new First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump, grew up. It is a place to relax and be inspired. The old part of the town lies beneath Sevnica Castle on the summit of Castle Hill, while the new part of the town stretches along the plain between the hills up the Sava Valley. This weekend, join the locals at the Sevnica Open Days for organised trips around the town.

Sevnica - the place where the new First Lady of the US grew up

The town of Sevnica is known for Sevnica Castle, which stands over the city and its art gallery. The gallery holds different museum collections and hosts exhibitions. You can also visit one of the 47 churches in the municipality, or the archaeological site of an Early Christian settlement from the 5th or 6th century at Ajdovski Gradec above Vranje.

The beautiful green landscape and picturesque hills around Sevnica offer a wide range of possibilities for an active getaway. Treat yourself to various adventures of nature and cultural-historical heritage by bike, or hike along the mountain paths to enjoy exceptional views. Nearby, the hill Lisca (947m) is a wonderful viewpoint, and its wind thermals attract numerous paragliders and hang-gliders.

You are invited to explore the Bizeljsko-Sremiška and Gornjedolenjska Wine Roads. Because of the favourable climatic conditions and soil composition, Sevnica and its surroundings are known as one of the best wine-growing districts in Slovenia. Try some of the typical wines of the area – Bizeljčan, unique Cviček or Blaufränkisch, Sevnica’s rising wine star.

Join the visitors at the Sevnica Open Days from 20th to 22nd January 2017. Don’t miss the guided sightseeing tour “Sevnica, the Treasury of Adventures” each day at 11:00, or guided tours around Sevnica Castle. You can find a more detailed programme here.

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