Radolca – genuine experiences and sweet memories

Published: 11.11.2016

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Radolca – genuine experiences and sweet memories

Genuine sweet Radolca, as Radovljica and its surroundings are called by the locals, allures with a living tradition of beekeeping and blacksmith’s crafts, as well as with delicious chocolate, honey treats and music.

Radolca – genuine experiences and sweet memories

Genuine sweet Radol`ca, as Radovljica and its surroundings are called by the locals, allures with a living tradition of beekeeping and blacksmith’s crafts, as well as with delicious chocolate, honey treats and music. The medieval town centre of Radovljica is also outstanding due to the Radovljica Mansion and festivals that take place in the town throughout the year (the chocolate, ceramics and old music festivals, etc.).

As an open-air museum

The old centre of Radovljica is known as one of the best preserved medieval town structures in Slovenia. The view over the Julian Alps and Karavanke once inspired the architects that caught the sub-alpine spirit in their masterpieces and, to this day, a walk through the town centre feels like visiting an open-air museum. The heart of Radovljica is Linhart Square where the palaces and the Radovljica Mansion stand. The latter is decorated with a marvellous baroque façade, while its inside is enriched by an exhibition of the works of the great Slovenian playwright and historian, Anton Tomaž Linhart, in the Municipal Museum as well as by the Museum of Apiculture. Here, the richest collection of painted beehive panels is kept, the centuries-old and world-renowned tradition of beekeeping is shown and visitors are informed of the Carniolan honey or grey bee, the autochthonous Slovenian bee species.

When walking through the medieval centre, do not overlook Šivec House comprised of a gallery that presents an excellent example of 16th century bourgeois architecture, Mali House with its bench of shame, Vidic House with its Renaissance paintings, the Gothic Church of St. Peter and the presbytery with the 16th century arcaded courtyard. Visit the Lectar Family House with an inn and lect (a type of honey dough) hearts workshop where you can still see them being made and take a honey souvenir home with you.


Genuine tastes and festivals of Radovljica

Lectar Inn is one of 13 inns that participate in Taste Radol´ca. In November, they pamper visitors with typical homemade dishes made of local ingredients, while you can also take part in cookery workshops and diverse tastings.

In nearby Lesce, they have been providing sweets since 1922 in the Gorenjka chocolate factory, known for its recognisable packaging featuring a girl in the traditional Gorenjska national costume. Due to its tradition of producing sinful vices, Radovljica takes care of the Chocolate Festival, the biggest chocolate event in Slovenia, every spring. The Ceramics Festival, with clay modelling workshops, and Radovljica Festival, which has been delighting lovers of old music for more than 30 years, are also traditionally organised by the town.

In nearby Begunje, lovers of Slovenian Oberkrainer music find their pleasure. Here, brothers Slavko and Vilko Avsenik composed their music, while their home, Pri Jožovcu, has been turned into a museum, inn and venue for numerous musical events today.


Actively around Radovljica

Radovljica is an excellent starting point for biking and hiking. The plain paths are ideal for enjoying the views over the surrounding mountains, while you can also go and conquer the highest peaks of the Karavanke. Set out towards Kranj to visit Brezje, the largest Slovenian pilgrimage centre with the Church Of Mary Help, or to Kropa, one of the largest centres of blacksmith’s crafts in Slovenia. In the vicinity of Radovljica, horse-back riding in the countryside, rafting on the Sava river and golf are also offered. Explore it from the air by taking a panoramic flight from Lesce sports airport.

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