Autumn delights

Published: 21.2.2011

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Autumn delights

A number of Slovenian wellness centres offer an autumn relaxation in the heart of nature, surrounded by beautiful golden-brown colours. Tourism providers have also prepared culinary experiences, especially in the eastern part of the country.

Autumn delights

A number of Slovenian wellness centres invite you to autumn relaxation in the heart of nature when everywhere you look the surroundings are exploding in a dance of the most beautiful golden-brown colours. In addition to their soothing treatments, Slovenian tourism providers have also prepared many culinary experiences, especially in the eastern part of the country.

Slovenian European Destinations of Excellence finalists and winners offer a rich variety of services for autumn delights. The jewels of eastern Slovenia are Kolpa, Laško, Velenje, Kozjansko and the region spanning from Pohorje to Mt Bohor. There you can find various tips for treating yourself to the specialities and the generous range of pampering services in spa resorts and wellness centres.

Relaxation along the Kolpa River

The green waters of the Kolpa River, one of the cleanest and warmest rivers in Slovenian, has left its indelible mark on the eastern part of the country. A part of the river flows through the protected area of the Regional Park Kolpa. The Kolpa River is 113 km long and creates a natural border with Croatia which is brimming with life. The Kolpa River basin is a relaxing and therapeutic area, where one can find excellent spots to catch a bite to eat. They are famous for fresh trout, served directly from the Kolpa River, as well as Bela Krajina Pogača, which was granted a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed designation and is considered a symbol of welcoming and hospitality.

Exquisite Roman-style pampering

Rimske toplice, a natural thermal spa, is famous for its ability to pamper visitors. A diverse wellness programme offers a pleasant transition to the shorter autumn days, while visitors can also enjoy in nature and take a walk in a park with healing energy points. Nearby, the modern Thermal Centre Thermana Laško, which boasts more than a 160-year tradition of thermal spas, offers its services to visitors. Hotel Wellness Park Laško received the EU eco-label (EU Flower Emblem). Laško is famous for its beer, which has been known as the drink of the gods for thousands of years. It has been produced in these parts for over 200 years and Thermana Laško offers beer bath as a treatment. Laško has been a home of good bee-keepers and gingerbread-makers for over a century, and apitheraphy is gaining in popularity. The best way to end your day of pampering is by sampling some culinary delights at Castle Tabor Laško.

The Kozjansko Park and juicy apples

The Kozjansko Park features a Levstik Mill on the Bistrica River, which is more than 400 years old and still in operation. An orchard with around 100 cultivars of apple trees bursts into blooms and produces tons of fruit. The Podsreda castle offers many culinary delights on its medieval dinner menu. Olimje is proud to have the old apothecary of the Minorite Monastery dating back to the 17th century. It is the third oldest monastic apothecary in Europe. Terme Olimia specialises in offering relaxation by using healing thermal water and Wellness Orhidelia has received several consecutive awards for the best wellness in Slovenia.

Herb gardens in the region spanning from Pohorje to Mt Bohor

The Žiče Chartusian in Slovenske Konjice, home to the first French monks in the valley, hides behind its monastery walls from the 12th century its famous herb gardens, the Otokar sparkling wine cellar and a pottery atelier. They make the atmosphere in the Žiče Charthusian only more appealing. Nearby, the oldest Slovenian restaurant Gastuž pampers your tastebuds with traditional Slovenian beef soup with grated noodles. Terme Dobrna, located near Celje, offers pampering services in this part of Slovenia. Did you know that it is the oldest natural spa resort in Slovenia with a more than 600-year tradition?

A miner`s experience in Velenje

Velenje, the youngest Slovenian town, is located in the green Šalek Valley in the eastern part of Slovenia and is famous for the popular Coal-mining Museum of Slovenia. Visitors can go on an underground adventure with real miner`s lunch included, which consists of the traditional Carniolan sausage and quarter loaf of bread. This was a treat that the Slovenian miners made their own. Nature and sports enthusiasts are fascinated by Lake Velenje and Lake Škale, which were formed as a result of coal mining activities and are today considered a natural haven for hikers, bicyclists, joggers, water sports enthusiasts and fishermen.

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