Slovenia, the story of Love

Published: 21.2.2011

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Slovenia, the story of Love

Feel Slovenia, the land that combines the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, and a country that carries love in its name! The story of Slovenia is a story of mountains and the sea, forests and waters, fields and vineyards and of green towns surrounded by nature.

Slovenia, the story of Love

Feel Slovenia, the land that combines the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, and a country that carries love in its name! The story of Slovenia is a story of mountains and the sea, forests and waters, fields and vineyards and of green towns surrounded by nature - capital Ljubljana was recently awarded the European Green Capital Award 2016. Love that according to an old folk story holds together so many beauties is green, healthy and active.

At World Travel Market exhibition in London, Slovenia’s spotlight was on iconic Bled. Lake Bled, with its magnificent church in the middle of the lake and Alpine backdrop, is also one of the most popular attractions in the country. Travel to Slovenia with us - with love.

Slovenia’s largest tourism event this year was the ABTA Travel Convention 2014. Karmen Novarlič, Head of Slovenian Tourist Board at Public Agency SPIRIT Slovenia used the press meeting at this year’s WTM to talk about this and other key events in Slovenia, as well as future tourism events and trends. The keynote speakers were Mark Tanzer, an ABTA Manager and Dr. Terry Stevens, an international advisor for tourism. The Mayor of Bled Janez Fajfar with a special escort delivered all a romantic welcome to Bled, which is an ideal wedding destination.

Ms Karmen Novarlič, Head of Slovenian Tourist Board: "2014 has been a particularly good year in terms of raising awareness of our beautiful country in the UK market, not least due to the success of the ABTA Convention that took place in Ljubljana in September. The responses from the delegates show that Slovenia has a lot to offer to UK visitors, and we will continue to build relationships with airlines and specialist tour operators. The WTM is the perfect opportunity to tell the world about the many reasons why people should visit Slovenia. With so many great places of interest we have hundreds of stories to tell through tourism from the Alpine gem that is Lake Bled to the Mediterranean coastline.”

Mr Janez Fajfar, The Mayor of Bled: “Bled is one of the best known romantic destinations in Europe, if not the world. In fact, I am confident in saying that it has been popular with the British public for decades - it was where Prince George, the Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina got engaged back in 1934! To this day, newlyweds choose to say their vows in Lake Bled’s beautiful surroundings. Having said that, Bled offers much more than just a romantic getaway. With its own persuasive energy, it is a fantastic year-round destination that has a great deal to offer visitors from across the globe.”

Why you need to feel Slovenia

Slovenian tourism has a big heart. Where the 2000-metre-high peaks of the Julian Alps` surround the emerald lake Bled, where a Gothic Church stands atop a lonely island. This is where the Old Slavic Goddess of love Živa was once worshipped and is one of the most romantic destinations for weddings, engagements, honeymoons and celebrations.

Slovenia is green. So green that most people fall in love with it at the first sight. It is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the heart of Europe. More than half of Slovenia is covered with forests. It is embraced by the Alps and the Mediterranean, Slovenian waters and springs, underground Karst and the Pannonian fields. Between Venice and Vienna, there are almost 50 natural parks.

Slovenia is active. The diverse country, one of the most successful in the world in terms of sports achievements, offers many outdoor activities for all seasons. Slovenia is the perfect natural playground for hikers, cyclists, skiers, golfers, speleologists, riders, paragliders, kayakers and other sport fans.

Slovenia is healthy. At every step we can scoop the clean spring water with our hands and taste the fresh produce straight from our natural garden. Our natural health resorts with health and well-being centres are some of the best in Europe. We are proud of this venerable tradition, which extends to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and even to the ancient Roman springs.

Slovenia loves skiers. Alpine skiing and Nordic disciplines are present in the heart of Slovenia, which hosts World Cup championships and is the homeland of top winter sportsmen. The Active Slovenia Ski Pass (ESSV, AS) links all larger Slovenian ski resorts.

Slovenia likes foodies. Each of our 24 culinary regions confirms the saying that in Slovenia, "the way to win a man`s heart is through his stomach". Slovenia’s exquisite restaurants are famous for creative menus and use of local ingredients. The 3 wine regions, which are placed among the top 5% of wine regions in the world, produce high-quality indigenous wines and other world-famous varieties.

Press opportunities

We have several group press trips planned throughout the year, and would be more than happy to arrange tailor-made press trips. A few press trip ideas:

Ljubljana and food and wine regions of Slovenia. Take in the city`s sights before exploring the surrounding countryside, wine regions, Lake Bled and the Postojna caves.

Slovenian indulgence. Visit some of Eastern Slovenia`s top hotels, while also enjoying luxury spas as well as the country`s best food and wine.

Adriatic to the Alps. Follow the Slovenian section of the famous Alpe Adria Trail, taking in the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Coast.

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