European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia

Published: 21.2.2011

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European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia

Soak up the energy and experience the stories of five valleys declared as EDEN destinations. These are Soča, Idrija, Kolpa, Laško and Solčavsko. Open up to nature and visit the greenest destinations in Slovenia!

European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia

Soak up the energy and experience the stories of five valleys declared as EDEN destinations. These are Soča Valley, Idrija, Kolpa, Laško and Solčavsko. Open up to nature and visit the greenest destinations in Slovenia!

The European Destinations of ExcelleNce (EDEN) is the initiative of the European Commission to promote the values, diversity and common characteristics of European tourist destinations. The intention of the EDEN network in Slovenia was to identify and award the greenest destinations which comply with the principles of environmental, socially responsible and cultural sustainability. The winning Slovenian destinations of excellence can all be discovered in a week. Here you can check some of hints for your break in Slovenia!

Take a green hike in nature and pamper yourself in the beneficial healing waters of Laško (2013 Winner). More than 160 years of tradition of thermal springs can be found at the Confluence of Good. Indulge in wellness pampering. A holiday is even more pleasurable if accompanied with seasonal dishes and a glass of beer known to be the drink of the gods thousands of years ago. Knock on the door of the Laško Brewery, toast with the liquid green gold and see the production of beer with the longest tradition in Slovenia. For over a century, Laško has also been the home of high-quality bee-keepers and gingerbread makers who decorate pastries made of honey dough.

When it comes to water, Slovenia is a true treasury of Europe. Hear stories about the Kolpa River (2010 Winner) situated along the southern border of the country. One of the cleanest Slovenian rivers offers countless pleasures in a protected landscape park. The 113-kilometre Kolpa River serves as the natural border with Croatia and is full of life. Would you like to enjoy adventure rowing? Indulge in the quiet of nature, where the splash of oars, the leaping of the fish, the hunting skills of herons, crawling of turtles and sliding of otters are not disturbing. Are you tempted to jump in? Take a swim in the warm river - the Kolpa is a true balm for the body!

Life evolves in colours in the Soča Valley (2008 Winner). The emerald Alpine river winds through the west of the country through pristine nature. See the interactive exhibition, the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, which is dedicated to the thousands of boys and men killed at the Isonzo Front. Their battles in the trenches and in their hearts were described by Hemingway in his great novel, A Farewell to Arms. Experience the Kolovrat ridge, with a beautiful view of the Tolminsko and Friuli. An outdoor First World War museum was arranged here in cooperation with Italian associations, with observation posts, machine gun positions, caves and networks of trenches. Kolovrat is one of the stops on the Walk of Peace connecting memories and people. Visit the Kobarid Museum of the First World War. Kobarid Museum received the Council of Europe Museum Prize for its presentation of the heritage of the Isonzo Front.

So many surprises and diversity can be found in Idrija (2011 Winner). The town is renowned for its lace and was once the second-largest mercury mine in the world. It is now UNESCO protected. The preserved Anthony’s Main Road is the oldest of its kind, and has been used for half a millennium. See kamšt which dates to the 18th century, a wooden water-wheel, which pumped up to 300 litres of water in one minute. The Scopoli Botanical Garden is nearby, a reminder of the mine doctor and a great European natural scientist. Take a walk to Wild Lake. Walk quietly so as not to disturb the water man guarding the depths of the lake, which have not yet been fully explored. During heavy rains, a water cone forms in the middle of the lake, making it look as if it were boiling, and raises the water level as much as three metres.

In Solčavsko (2009 Winner), the harmony of three valleys can be felt. The Logar valley is one of the most beautiful European glacial valleys, together with the idyllic valleys of Robanov and Matkov Kot. The entry to the landscape park is supervised by the legendary Logar lime tree, over 25-metres high. Take a relaxed walk or cycle along the natural history and ethnographic trail. Observe the simplicity of forest and rural life as you pass the traditional houses. Walk up to the Rinka Waterfall, which has a 90-metre high arc of water and is the highest single and unbroken waterfall in Slovenia. Meet the queen of people’s hearts in Solčava, bicka, the native Jezersko-Solčavska sheep. The Solčava panoramic road offers the most beautiful vistas of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and you can also find unusual healing water rich in iron and carbonic acid there.

In addition to five winners – the Soča River Valley, Solčavsko, the Kolpa River, Idrija and Laško – we also recommend visiting other attractive EDEN finalists. Experience Kranj, Radovljica, the Green Karst, Mežica, Velenje and Žiče Charterhouse. You will be welcomed with open arms in Bohinj, from Pohorje to Bohor, the Kozjansko Park, Tolmin and Kobarid.

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