Triglav National Park - among the best parks in Europe

Published: 21.2.2011

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Triglav National Park - among the best parks in Europe

The Guardian newspaper published a list of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe among which it features Slovenia’s Triglav National Park.

Triglav National Park - among the best parks in Europe

The Guardian newspaper published a list of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe among which it features Slovenia’s Triglav National Park. At its centre rises the 2,864-metre Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. This year marks the 120th anniversary since the summit of Triglav was purchased by Jakob Aljaž who erected a tower at the very top of the mountain. Welcome to the 6th Alpine Convention Day and a hike along the Soča Trail which will take place in the park on 30 May.

Triglav National Park, the only national park of this kind in Slovenia, stretches in the north-western part of the country along the borders with Italy and Austria. For the most part, the park includes mountains and plateaus of the Julian Alps and covers four per cent of the Slovenian territory. Important rules for the protection of nature and environment apply in the park, which is why the park is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Slovenia for exploring by bicycle or on foot. Taking the trails up to the very top of the highest Slovenian hills will reward you with breathtaking views. It is possible to see all the way to the Adriatic Sea from certain vantage points.

The park’s rich network of water courses feeds the forests with fresh air. The glacial lake in Bohinj also leaves a lasting impression. In the summer, it is suitable for swimming or rowing. In addition to the Savica Waterfall, visit also the Peričnik Waterfall, the most known waterfall in Slovenia under which you can walk. Visit the stunning river ravine of Vintgar Gorge near Bled and the magnificent Tolmin Gorges, which are considered the lowest altitude point in the park. The highest point is Triglav, after which the park takes its name.

The most famous Slovenian mountain measures 2,864 metres. It is considered a symbol of the Slovenian spirit and also features on the Slovenian flag and coat-of-arms. The Aljaž Tower, a mountain refuge and a cultural monument of national importance, is located on the top of Triglav. This year marks the 120th anniversary of its construction. While serving as a priest, Jakob Aljaž noticed the great interest of foreigners for the Slovenian mountains. He wanted to oppose these interests by buying the top of Triglav from the Municipality of Dovje and Mojstrana. The purchase contract was signed on 14 April 1895, and the cylindrical tower, which replaced the previous wooden construction, came to stand on the top of the mountain as early as on 7 August of the same year. Jakob Aljaž later donated the top of Triglav to the Alpine Association of Slovenia. Climb the highest Slovenian mountain or visit the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana and the exhibition Aljaž Tower: “This metal has soul!”.

The 6th Alpine Convention Day will take place in Triglav National Park on 30 May 2015. Join the guided walk along the Alpine valleys from Mojstrana to Krma, Vrata and Radovna. On Thursdays in the summer months, you can venture on the Soča Trail, which connects mysterious parts of the Trenta and the Soča River valleys. During the 3-hour walk to the soothing sound of the murmuring emerald mountain river, the guide will reveal the lesser known places and peculiarities of the valleys and their residents. Visit the Pocar Farm, a museum in Zgornja Radovna, for which Triglav National Park received the Europa Nostra Award. The exhibited artefacts present the life of the local people living in these Alpine valleys at the beginning of the 20th century. Visit the farm on the open door day on the European Day of Parks and on the occasion of the International Museum Day on 24 May 2015.

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