Snovalec – A Boost for Innovation in Slovenian Tourism

Published: 11.6.2015

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Snovalec – A Boost for Innovation in Slovenian Tourism

Slovenia supports the development of innovative approaches to tourism. This year, the jury picked 3 winners out of 28 applicants.

Snovalec – A Boost for Innovation in Slovenian Tourism

Slovenia supports the development of innovative approaches to tourism. Since 2009, the SPIRIT Tourism Division has been encouraging the promotion and realization of best ideas in tourism. June 2015 saw the conclusion of selection in best tourism innovation for 2015. This year, the jury picked 3 winners out of 28 applicants: footgolf in Bovec, a photo application called SnappGuides, and the Escape Igloo tourist attraction.

In 2015, the SPIRIT Slovenija Tourism Division and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology repeated the Snovalec award competition. The award is given to acknowledge innovative ideas in tourism that need financial and promotional support for their realisation. From the 28 submitted applications, the expert jury selected 6 finalists, 3 of whom also received money prizes. In the evaluation process, the jury considered the following criteria: the possibility of realising the idea by November 2015, how novel and how adapted to the Slovenian environment it was, its level of performance, and the excellence and comprehensiveness of its execution.

The Snovalec award finalists:

* SnappGuides mobile application is designed for travel and landscape photography lovers from all over the world. The online photo tourist guide application allows the user to obtain data and organize their own photo travels with own titles.

* Čebelandija is an eco-experience village that introduces guests to the life of bees through glamping in a model beehive, workshops held in a flowering garden of honey-bearing plants, relaxation programmes in a honey-wellness centre and the adventure park of Maya the Bee and her friends.

* The začuti U3P adapted tourist programmes deal with the organization of specialized tourist programmes for the physically disabled.

* Escape Igloo – Enigmarium® is an upgrade of the "Escape Room" concept. In the igloo, visitors solve puzzles, riddles and dexterity challenges in a race against time to save the world, or at least their team from the igloo.

* Footgolf in the Soča Valley – golf played with the feet and a soccer ball. The activity is suitable for those who love active living, for teambuilding workshops, or simply to hang out with your family or friends.

* The PUCH, pecikl in Prlekija project aims to offer antique-bike cycling across Prlekija, a region in north-eastern Slovenia.

From among 6 finalists of the Snovalec 2015 competition, the jury selected 3 winners who received 15€,000 between them, to help bring their ideas to life. The financial and promotional support was received by the following products: Footgolf in Bovec, the SnappGuides photography application and the Escape Igloo tourist attraction.

Which idea did you find the most convincing? The list of submitted projects can be found at the website of the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia.

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