Successful Season at Slovenian Natural Health Resorts

Published: 4.8.2015

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Successful Season at Slovenian Natural Health Resorts

The performance of Slovenian health resorts exceeds expectations. In the first six months of 2015, the number of domestic visitors to Slovenian spas increased by almost 10 percent compared to the previous year.

Successful Season at Slovenian Natural Health Resorts

The performance of Slovenian health resorts exceeds expectations. In the first six months of 2015, the number of domestic visitors to Slovenian spas increased by almost 10 percent compared to the previous year. Foreign guests, particularly those from Russia, contribute to the increase as well. Slovenian natural health resorts are among our greatest tourist attractions. 14 natural health resorts invite you to take advantage of their excellent medical and wellness services.

In Slovenia, thermal and mineral waters heal, invigorate and nurture. Nearly 100 natural thermal springs with water temperatures ranging from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius and 14 natural health resorts are among the greatest tourist attractions in the country. Their visitors are predominantly domestic guests. Compared to last year, overnight stays by Slovenian visitors increased by 5.7 %, while overall visits increased by 9.7 %. Counting both domestic and foreign guests, Slovenian spas recorded 320,415 visitors. The majority of foreign guests come from the neighbouring Austria and Italy as well as from Russia and Croatia. The increasing numbers of guests from the Netherlands, whose visits and overnight stays increased by 13 and 16% respectively compared to 2014, should also be pointed out.

Many health resorts are reporting better operating results and higher sales prices, which are a key measure of the overall result.

In Slovenian natural health resorts, guests are pampered in the Pannonian Plain, below wine-bearing hills and the majestic Alps, by river confluences and on the sunny Adriatic coast. They are scattered everywhere, from the south-west to the north-east of Slovenia.

* Terme Čatež Spa Resort: a spa resort at the bottom of the forested and wine-bearing Gorjanci in Dolenjska, known and recognised as a "Thermal Paradise for 365 Days in a Year". Excellent choice for families.

* Šmarješke Toplice Spa Resort: surrounded by pristine nature with numerous starting points for hikes, cutting-edge medical services and Vitarium Aqua – a world of thermal pools, saunas, popular body scrubs, wraps and massages as well as relaxing baths.

* Dolenjske Toplice Spa Resort: a centre of health with the Balnea Wellness Centre with indoor and outdoor pools, the modern Balnea Hotel as well as the Vital Hotel and Kristal Hotel and a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. For a pleasant, active and healthy vacation.

* Zdravilišče Rogaška Health Resort: Rogaška Slatina is a traditional health resort town with a 400-year history whose heart beats with the spirit of health and the unique Donat Mg water.

* Terme Olimia Podčetrtek Spa Resort: complete selection of wellness services with the prestigious Orhidelia centre. Excellent medical programmes and water experiences, saunas, recreation options, fresh air and peace come together in a mosaic of life reborn.

* Terme Dobrna Spa Resort: the oldest operational Slovenian thermal spa boasts more than 600 years of tradition as well as an attractive modern offer in a 200-year-old health resort park with numerous possibilities for active exploration of the surrounding area and visits to nearby tourist farms.

* Terme Topolšica Spa Resort: surrounded by nature, far from the city hustle and bustle. Accommodation is possible in two hotels and new apartment houses. The hotel is connected to the Zala Wellness Centre, a proper oasis of peace and relaxation.

* Zdravilišče Radenci Health Resort: in the embrace of mineral springs – this is definitely one of the most well-known Slovenian spas; in the immediate vicinity, one can also find the Terme Banovci spa resort, where the hotel and hotel village Zeleni gaj await you surrounded by pristine nature far from industrial centres. An excellent starting point for trips around Pomurje.

* Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice Spa Resort: at the core of the tourist offer in Terme 3000 is the black thermal mineral water with a wealth of beneficial effects. Numerous accommodation options, the appealing Thermalium wellness centre, golf and cycling trips across the peaceful Pannonian plains.

* Terme Lendava Spa Resort: a natural resort known for its unique Lendava paraffine water that differs from any other thermal water in this part of Europe. A pleasant little resort many people are happy to return to.

* Thermana Laško Spa Resort: the stimulating energy of Laško`s centuries-old springs is combined with the local tradition of brewing and beekeeping. Have you ever tried a beer or honey bath?

* Terme Ptuj Spa Resort: the spa resort in Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city, is famous for health-improvement and wellness programmes as well as rejuvenation treatments.

* Terme Zreče Spa Resort: the spa situated at the bottom of the Maribor Pohorje Hills uses acratothermal water, nurturing baths and Pohorje peat wraps to improve their guests` health and well-being.

* Talaso Strunjan Spa Resort: Amazing location right on the coast, at a pine grove in the centre of a landscape park: a natural coastal climate spa with thalassotherapy programmes. Services and wellness programmes in the renovated Salia Thalasso Centre are inextricably tied to nature.

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