Postojna cave and Bled among top world attractions

Published: 10.9.2015

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Postojna cave and Bled among top world attractions

Lake Bled and Postojna cave are on the Lonely Planets definite bucket list of places you MUST see.

Postojna cave and Bled among top world attractions

The picturesque coastal town of Piran, the European Green Capital of Ljubljana, the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, the emerald Soča River, the stunning karst caves, sunny hills covered in vines… the list of Slovenian beauties is endless. Among all, Lake Bled and Postojna cave are on the Lonely Planet`s definite bucket list of places you MUST see. The iconic alpine lake, with the only Slovenian island on it, invites you to its idyllic mountain surroundings. Postojna Cave has been wowing visitors with the beauty and magnificence of its underground halls and the extent of its tunnels for two centuries. The British BBC describes it as a breath-taking and bizarre underground world, where creatures that you cannot even imagine swim through lightless grottos, and monstrous caverns are used as concert halls.

The travel website Lonely Planet revealed a list of 500 destinations every traveller should visit. It was written by Lonely Planet’s associates, travel experts and writers, who rated the world`s best attractions independently and without any previous notice. Make Lake Bled and Postojna cave your next travel destination!

Romantic Lake Bled is a Slovenian Alpine gem with a spectacular church on the island in the middle of the glacial lake. Venture to the island in a pletna, a traditional boat, made by the local people. Take a moment to enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding highest peaks of the Julian Alps. Bled Castle dominates the scene overlooking the lake from the top of a cliff, and conceals an interesting interior with several hundred years of history. Enjoy the taste of Bled’s cream cake, as made only in Slovenia. In the last 60 years, over 12 million famous cream cakes have been sold in Bled.

Postojna cave is one of the most famous caves in the world, open to tourists. The British BBC devoted a special report on the Slovenian karst and Postojna Cave. It is known for its unique forms of stalactites and stalagmites, and is one of the most diverse cave systems in the world. Admire the great underground Concert Hall, where different cultural and sports events take place. Have a unique experience at the cave which hosted Archduke Ferdinand I, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in the past. A unique experience is a ride on the 140-year-old cave train that takes you deep underground, and the human fish, endemic to the Slovenian karst and which reporters described as a creature from another world.

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