Worlds oldest vine festival

Published: 28.9.2015

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Worlds oldest vine festival

Wine hills, rich tradition, and fine wines hold a special place in Slovenia. Join the vintage wine lovers at Old Vine Festival.

Worlds oldest vine festival

Wine hills, rich tradition, and fine wines hold a special place in Slovenia. Join the vintage wine lovers at the most important wine event in Slovenia – the Old Vine Festival in Maribor. A tribute to the world`s oldest vine takes place from 4th October to St. Martin`s Day on 11th November.

In Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, is where the Old Vine House is found. It was built in the 16th century, and ever since, the Žametovka wine variety, which is considered the oldest vine in the world, has been growing on its southern outer wall. The vine survived the attacks on the city in the past, fires that engulfed the house, and several bombings during the World War II. That`s why it`s called the “resilient žametovka” by many people. With its confirmed age of over 400 years, the vine made the Guinness Book of World Records and still produces up to 25 litres of wine each year, which is primarily given as a state protocol gift. Scions of the Old Vine live on all continents and in numerous places in Slovenia. The traditional pruning of the Old Vine takes place every March, and scions are then given as a gift to selected cities, municipalities and countries, friends of the Maribor city.

In the honour of the world`s oldest vine and rich Slovenian wine-growing tradition, Maribor is organizing traditional 15th Old Vine Festival. It starts on 4th October, the day of 29th Ceremonious Grape Harvest of the Old Vine. It proceeds according to the old customs and habits of the Štajerska region, with the wine queen and members of wine fraternities and orders attending. The mayor of Maribor has a very important role of tasting the first grape as the master of the Old Vine. If he judges the grapes to be ripe, the harvest can begin.

Throughout the whole festival, the Old Vine House holds themed wine and culinary events, wine workshops, hiking and cycling trips to the surrounding vineyards and numerous activities related to viticulture. The auction of a bottle of Old Vine Wine is scheduled for 10th October. The festival ends on 11th November with the 32nd St. Martin`s Day Celebration. Wine queens, folklorists, farmers` wives, rafters and members of knightly orders and fraternities pay a symbolic homage to autumn and give their thanks for the abundant harvest at Leon Štukelj Square.

Experience a unique wine event in Maribor. Welcome to the traditional Old Vine Festival!

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