Passionate dance of Teran and pršut

Published: 30.10.2015

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Passionate dance of Teran and pršut

One of the most known and delicious combination in Slovenian culinary is the complementary relationship between Teran wine (Terrano) and pršut (prosciutto).

Passionate dance of Teran and pršut

One of the most known and delicious combination in Slovenian culinary is the complementary relationship between Teran wine (Terrano) and pršut (prosciutto). Local red wine is produced out of Refosco grapes and has a recognizable taste and colour. Dried on bora wind, pršut carries a long tradition of salting and drying pork. The marvellous combination of wine and meat accompanies friendly gatherings and is celebrated on the Festival lof Teran and Pršut in Dutovlje every year.

Karst with its climate and soil has a magical effect on cuisine. The best is kept in the culinary harmony between Teran wine and Karst pršut. One of the first mentions of the wine Teran dates back to the fourteenth century, when it was served in ceramic bottles to imperial emissaries. A genuine Slovenian wine with designated origin is produced from Refosco wine grapes. Its aroma resembles the scent of wild berries and the dark red colour gives you the feeling of drinking the wine of the emperor himself. Teran, made from the best and healthy grapes, suitable for the wine of superior quality, is known as “Selected Teran PTP”. Dry wine, served at room temperature, goes hand in hand with meat dishes, especially with the Karst pršut.

It only takes salt, fresh air, bora wind, close monitoring and time to produce top quality Karst pršut. Aged from twelve to sixteen months has a ruby red colour, irresistible aroma and distinctive taste. Pršut carries a heritage of rich experience, skills and traditions of hospitable and generous locals. Its preparation is a complex and long process, starting with careful breeding of pigs for pork meat and then selection of pork legs, which are seasoned exclusively with sea salt. Later, maturing and drying in a natural karst climate follows. Karst climate, temperatures, humidity and air are essential for the flavour and quality of pršut.

The combination and complementary flavours of Teran and Karst pršut are overwhelming. Join the locals in treating themselves with tasty delights at friendly gatherings and on other occasions. Visit the Festival of Teran and Pršut in Dutovlje near Sežana, which is organized annually in August and where you can try Teran of different winemakers and best pršut in the area.

Depending on the area, pršut has different varieties and specialities, which differentiate one from another. South to the Karst area is Istria, which is also a part of neighbouring Croatia. In October 2015, Slovenia and Croatia jointly protected Istrian pršut with designation of origin status. Slovenia has protected 23 agricultural products so far with the three EU labels known as protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI) and traditional speciality (TSG).

The list of registered products from Slovenia includes, among others, Bovec, Nanos and Tolminc cheeses, extra virgin olive oil from Istria, forest honey from Kočevje, prleška tunka cured meat, belokranjska pogača bread, idrijski žlikrofi dumplings from Idrija, prekmurska gibanica cake from Prekmurje and Piran sea salt.

Enjoy your stay on the Karst with a glass of Teran and slice(s) of pršut.

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