435th anniversary of Lipica Stud Farm

Published: 30.10.2015

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435th anniversary of Lipica Stud Farm

Magnificent Lipizzaner horses are a Slovenian pride. The Lipica Stud Farm celebrated its 435th anniversary with a spectacular show.

435th anniversary of Lipica Stud Farm

Magnificent Lipizzaner horses are a Slovenian pride. The Lipica Stud Farm, close to Divača, celebrated its 435th anniversary with a spectacular show, showing the performance of the classical horse-riding school and daring acrobatic acts, which are known around the world. The charms of the oldest European Stud farm are hidden in the stories of the local history.

Enjoy a walk around the Lipica Stud Farm in the company of a friendly guide, who will take you in the world of noble Lipizzaner horses. Experience the gracefulness of white mares, playfulness of dark foals and nobility of the finest stallions. A walk through the property is like a trip through history. Heritage, kept in the century-old mansions, stables, and Lipizzaner horses take you to the time when a horse carriage was the finest means of transport.

Karst has been famous for its horses since the time of the Roman Empire. The reputation of horses’ strength, endurance and speed was known around Europe. Back in the Roman times, locals used Karst horses for handling and transporting goods to Adriatic ports, especially to Trieste and Venice. Indigenous mares were crossed with other foreign breeds, which enriched their characteristics. This is how Lipizzaner horse got its present appearance and characteristics, which give it the deserved reputation of a noble horse.

Every horse lover has heard of Lipica or Lipizzaner horses. Stud Farm is the world’s oldest stud farm, which has existed and has been operating continuously since its establishment. It is full of interesting stories about emperors and kings, all stunned by the exquisite beauty, grace, intelligence, obedience and endurance of white stallions. The Austrian Archduke Karl II is considered the founder of the stud farm. He bought the village Lipica with its surroundings, together with the stable and horses on 19th May 1580. The following year, a few stallions from Spain were brought to the property. Among them there was also the valuable Andalusian, which left the most powerful mark on the Lipizzaner breed. After that, Lipica Stud Farm methodically started to breed first-class horses for the Spanish riding school.

Spanish riding school is the highest level of dressage training a horse can achieve. It is an extremely difficult art of riding, which is based on the natural movement of the horse in its natural living environment. The natural movement is the basis of Spanish riding school, in which every exercise is trained to perfection and becomes a work of art. Only exceptionally built and intelligent horses are capable of learning this skill, which Lipizzaner horses are perfect in. The Spanish riding school applies only to Lipizzaner stallions, not mares. For every young stallion, stud farm has planted three trees, which have grown into a beautiful avenue that welcomes you at the entrance to the Lipica Stud Farm.

Enjoy the presentation of the Lipica Classical Riding School, from April until the end of October. Selected stallions impress you with elegant steps, noble appearance and surprising elements. The 45-minute show ends with performance of the most talented stallions of the Lipica Stud Farm. The performance was upgraded for the celebration of Lipica’s 435th anniversary, held on 20th September.

Visit the Lipica Stud Farm and take a guided tour through the world’s oldest stud farm. Stop at the historic centre with its famous "yard", the mansion and Velbanca - the oldest stable in Lipica. Look into the church of Saint Anthony of Padua and find out everything you want to know about Lipica, Lipizzaner horses and the Karst in an interactive museum - Lipikum. Take a moment for yourself and let the graceful horses touch your heart.

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