The Most Romantic Winter Experiences

Published: 25.11.2015

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The Most Romantic Winter Experiences

Slovenia can reveal the most romantic and hidden places in winter, where there is nothing better than snuggling in the warmth with a view of the winter landscape.

The Most Romantic Winter Experiences


Slovenia can reveal the most romantic and hidden places in winter, where there is nothing better than snuggling in the warmth with a view of the winter landscape. Take a walk with flaming torches, count the stars and make snow angels. A landscape covered in snow and an idyllic setting that will take your breath away as you gaze at the backdrop - welcome to Slovenia in winter.

Spend the night in the Eskimo Village at ski resorts Kranjska gora, Krvavec or Pokljuka. At sunset, start with a night trek on snowshoes and end it with a gourmet dinner for two. After dinner, head up to the snow and observe the starts or have fun at other eskimo activities on the snow. A bed made of a snow block will await you in the igloo. You will be sleeping on warm and soft sheepskin and in sleeping bags. In spite of the low temperatures, you will not be cold.

Visit the most beautiful Alpine glacial valley in Europe, Logarska Dolina. Marvel at the wonderful views while snowshoeing by day or night. The valley is secluded and makes the perfect destination for observing the night sky and shooting stars. Enjoy the enchantment of a snowy landscape and the elemental experience of nature in winter.

The people of Jezersko say that nature is at its finest here. This valley in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps was shaped by a glacier that left a heart-shaped lake as a memento. Around it runs a trail eagerly walked by loving couples, hikers and the appealing native Slovenian Jezersko-solčavska sheep. They have the peculiarity of dark rings around their eyes, and they produce very high-quality wool. Try on some toasty woollen slippers to warm you up in the low winter temperatures.

When you get to the town, the view ahead rests on the wonderful castle, which lies above the town and town square. The old centre of medieval Škofja Loka has the unspoiled character of a lovely little town. Take a trip into history and ski the old way on the hill behind the Loka Castle. This attractive competition with old-time skiing gear showcases the development of wooden skis, starting back with the skiers of Bloke. The winner is not determined by the fastest time but by the skiing equipment and style.

Bled in the Gorenjska region is without doubt one of the most alluring destinations in Slovenia and across Europe. The idyllic island in the middle of the lake, where for many years couples have started their married life, is especially magical in a snowy winter setting. Snow-capped Alpine peaks, a romantic carriage ride around the lake, confectionery including a slice of traditional cream cake – share all these experiences with your nearest and dearest.

Set in the heart of the Triglav National Park, Bohinj is a paradise, perfect for relaxation. The tranquil Alpine lake is embraced by unspoilt nature and is the highest Slovenian peaks. Take a walk around the lake with lanterns to show you the path through the snow. You can also light your way with lanterns for night tobogganing. Take advantage of sunny days and explore the area on horseback. Local guides will show you to hidden spots where you will readily return for the memories.

Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, bears the Slovenian word for love in its very name, for the Slovenian capital sounds very close to the word ljubljena, meaning beloved. There are many who believe this is no coincidence. Come join a culinary workshop, where you can learn about the tradition of Slovenian cuisine and the little tricks of the great master chefs. Prepare a meal that you can then make for your loved ones at home. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

Visit the romantic hidden spots of Slovenia, a country that carries love in its name and heart.

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