Top winter adventures you will never forget

Published: 22.12.2015

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Top winter adventures you will never forget

In winter, Slovenia shimmers in numerous shades of white, particularly amid the Alpine mountain peaks and valleys! We invite you to try five different winter adventures that you will never forget.

Top winter adventures you will never forget

Those of you who usually come to Slovenia during the summer would never recognise the green country in wintertime and vice versa. In winter, Slovenia shimmers in numerous shades of white, particularly amid the Alpine mountain peaks and valleys! This is the time when ski lovers enjoy skiing in natural snow and resting in mountain huts amid snow-covered peaks. Slovenian ski resorts thrill visitors with more than 300 kilometres of ski runs, while the ski resorts are located only up to an hour’s driving distance from large cities. Some hints are presented in the latest catalogue Ski Resorts in Slovenia, while we also invite you to try five different winter adventures that you will never forget.

Heli-ski adventure

The longest tradition of skiing in Central Europe and fun on the snow is always an inspiration for new experiences in Slovenia. The most adventurous skiers say there is no feeling like skiing in intact snow, in the pristine nature of the mountains. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the pleasure and the silence of nature on high-altitude snow, where climbers ascend mountain peaks during the summer. In just a few minutes, a helicopter takes you from Bled to a mountain peak where your heli-ski adventure begins. On the slopes of Kanin in the Julian Alps and Stol in the Karawanken, you leave your imprint in the form of the most beautiful and evenly shaped ski curves. Away from the crowds and the city bustle, you will feel one with nature.

Climbing frozen waterfalls

Deeply dissected mountainous terrain, an abundance of water in Slovenia and low winter temperatures enable the formation of incredible ice sculptures that are deftly transformed by climbers into their own playground. Every winter, frozen waterfalls in mountain valleys have different shapes and grades of climbing difficulty, enabling beginners as well as experienced climbers to try the ascent. Test the limits of your endurance by climbing frozen waterfalls in Mojstrana near Kranjska Gora where every year they make available a complex of three climbing waterfalls 15–30 metres wide and up to 40 meters high. Safety is provided by the “top rope” climbing technique that is 100% safe, thus giving climbers the feeling of freedom during the climb. For this unforgettable experience, put on your crampons, grab your ice axe and helmet and bundle up warm.

Snowbike adventure

Do you like cycling in winter? Ride your bike on cleared cycling trails in the valley, while in the mountains, treat yourself to a snowbike experience. Instead of tires, skis are mounted on the bicycle, and pedalling is replaced by balancing the equilibrium and curving down the snow-blanketed slopes in Kranjska Gora. Instead of a cycling suit, you better wear a snowsuit, although you will not be cold during your fun descent into the valley. Compete with your friends in achieving the best time or demonstrating the most impressive snowbiking technique.

Snow rafting

White-water sports enthusiasts will confirm that rafting is one of the most adrenaline-laden experiences you can have. This also holds true of snow rafting in the Logar Valley. Forget about sledding; sit on an inflatable raft, let yourself be carried along by the flow of the terrain and take a downhill ride in a boat. This activity is most recommended to be performed in groups. Enjoy unforgettable winter fun with your friends.

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