The greenest flight of the year in numbers

Published: 20.5.2016

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The greenest flight of the year in numbers

Do you remember the greenest flight of the year-Green Light World Flight 2016-2020? Here are some interesting facts and numbers about the mission.

The greenest flight of the year in numbers

Do you remember the greenest flight of the year? On 25th March 2016, an ultra-light aircraft took off from Portorož in south-west Slovenia for a round-the-world flight, equipped with a new measuring instrument to provide accurate data about global black carbon concentration. The specially designed and equipped aircraft was piloted by one of the best pilots in the world, Matevž Lenarčič. The airplane successfully returned to Slovenia on 22nd April, carrying all the measuring results of the mission.

In the framework of the Green Light World Flight 2016-2020 mission Matevž Lenarčič was flying on his third trip around the world in the aircraft Dynamic WT 9 by the Slovak company Aerospool, which weighs only 270 kilograms and was specially equipped with instruments for the measurement of concentrations of black carbon called an Aethalometer. The goal of the Green Light World Flight 2016-2020 project is to research the effect of black carbon on the environment in areas where no information has been available up to now.

With online media monitoring, the Media toolkit followed both domestic and international posts on social media, forums, blogs and internet media in real time from 1st March until 1st May 2016. Here are some of the results:

* Matevž Lenarčič flew 42,172 kilometres on his mission in his aircraft. The journey took 28 days, of which the flying took 7 days and 8 hours.

* During the time of monitoring, there were more than 964 web posts or articles in connection with the mission: 66% were about Lenarčič, 18% included the phrase GreenLight World Flight, and 16% of the posts included the hashtag #glwf16.

* The articles and posts online were in more than 12 different languages in over 80 web media. More than 320 different authors wrote about the mission on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

* The peaks of media coverage were at the time of Lenarčič’s takeoff on the 25th (92 web articles or posts) and on his return on 22nd April (134 web articles or posts).

* The articles about Green Light World Flight 2016-2020 were posted in media such as New China,, and

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