Harmony of the three valleys of Solčavsko

Published: 13.7.2016

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Harmony of the three valleys of Solčavsko

Embraced by the picturesque peaks of the Alps, the three glacial valleys make a unique combination of unspoilt nature and human creativity.

Harmony of the three valleys of Solčavsko

Embraced by the picturesque peaks of the Alps, the three glacial valleys make a unique combination of unspoilt nature and human creativity. The Solčavsko region is the 2009 European Destination of Excellence and one of the most beautiful green gems found in Slovenia and Europe. The harmony of nature in the three valleys arouses admiration and respect. The greater area of the Solčavsko region is part of the Natura 2000 Network due to its biodiversity. The beautiful landscape and sustainable tourism attract visitors from around the world to these idyllic valleys.

The eternal beauty of the Logar Valley

The Solčavsko region was formed by the three glacial valleys. The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, sharing the spot with the Robanov Kot Valley and the Matkov Kot Valley. The entrance to the regional park is guarded by the legendary, more than 25 metres high Logar’s Linden. Any of the three valleys is a real treat for those who love nature and active holidays. Explore the Solčavsko region by cycling from one mountain farm to another, taking a walk among the fragrant meadows and woods, or taking a romantic horseback riding trip through the mountain pastures or embarking on a multi day hiking endeavour along the high-mountain range. Tempted by adrenaline filled feats? Rise high above the Solčavsko region and admire the area by experiencing tandem skydiving.

A family walk to the mountain farm

There are many routes across the Solčavsko region. Some of them are carefully planned and lead to idyllic farms or Alpine dairy farms, where one can always taste some house specialities. Others can be discovered quite coincidentally when we let our steps be run by inspiration. The Logar Valley is perfect for that. The trail is just the right length and not too complicated, which makes it ideal for a family hiking trip. We recommend you to stop at the crossroad and take the direction that leads to the Klemenšek mountain farm. Do not forget to bring your camera since the establishment is considered one of the most photographed farms in Slovenia, distinguished by its breathtaking view over the valley and the surrounding peaks. Here, you can also try any of their multi award winning dry meat products. Complete your hiking story by visiting the Rinka waterfall. This is one of the highest free falling waterfalls in Slovenia that flows in a single drop of 90 metres in one glorious arc.

Cycling among the most beautiful views

The Solčava Panoramic Road is also called the path of the most beautiful views. You can ride along it on a bike. Choose between several routes of various difficulty grades, lengths and colours. They all have one thing in common. They all run past breathtaking sceneries of nature and picturesque self supply high mountain farms. Treat yourself to an invigorating cup of sour milk. Those more brave at heart can take a closer look of dragon Lintver’s home situated inside a mighty cliff called the Šikančeva zijavka. Then, head to the mineral water spring for a dose of energy. The taste of the water is special and some even say it has healing powers.

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