Thrilling New Adventure Game "Mission Elixir" Launches in Kekec Land, Kranjska Gora

Published: 27.6.2024

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Thrilling New Adventure Game "Mission Elixir" Launches in Kekec Land, Kranjska Gora

This groundbreaking game reimagines the escape room concept, turning it into an open-air quest. Dive into a world where every twist and turn brings you closer to uncovering the secrets of the Elixir, all while surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Kekec Land in the Julian Alps.

Thrilling New Adventure Game "Mission Elixir" Launches in Kekec Land, Kranjska Gora

The Julijana Agency, together with Escape Room Enigmarium, has unveiled an exciting new adventure game, "Mission Elixir" in the so-called Kekec Land. This innovative experience transforms the escape room concept into an open-air adventure, blending the charm of nature with the thrill of solving puzzles.

In the beloved Slovenian book Kekec by Josip Vandot, the brave young shepherd Kekec lives in a picturesque mountain village where he defends his community from the evil antagonist Bedanc. Characters like Mojca and the frightened Rožle embody innocence and vulnerability, while Brincelj brings humour and mischief to the story. Beloved characters have long enchanted school and kindergarten groups and now, "Mission Elixir" invites adult adventurers and international tourists to become the heroes of their own story. 

The game's captivating story revolves around a dark force corrupting the last pristine corner of nature, causing humans to become greedy and selfish. The malevolent Bedanc seeks the recipe for the Elixir of Enlightenment, the only hope for salvation. Aunt Pehta, in a bid to hide it from Bedanc, enlists the help of Kekec—who has mysteriously disappeared. Players must transform into brave heroes, using Kekec’s notes and equipment to find the elixir’s ingredients before time runs out and the darkness engulfs the world.

Enigmarium promises an unforgettable outdoor "escape room" experience without walls or electricity, presenting unique design challenges and an even more immersive adventure. 

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