Dolenjske Toplice: Where Art and Wellness Unite

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Dolenjske Toplice: Where Art and Wellness Unite

Whether seeking relaxation, pampering, artistic inspiration or a profound wellness experience, discover why The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Resort continues to captivate guests from around the world.

Dolenjske Toplice: Where Art and Wellness Unite

The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Resort proudly stands as one of Slovenia's oldest thermal spa resorts. Yet, beyond its storied past, the resort boasts a number of amenities, from invigorating baths to comprehensive healthcare services and an exceptional wellness offer. It serves as an irresistible sanctuary for those seeking tranquility in nature's embrace and the therapeutic benefits of thermal spring water.

Art and Music: A Symphony of Healing

The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa is more than just a place for relaxation and health rejuvenation. It is also an inspiring art gallery. Art, in all its forms, inspires optimism, motivation, and tranquility, helping us understand life more profoundly. Just like the beneficial effects of thermal water, it possesses a unique healing power. When combined, these elements have an even greater impact on our wellbeing.

Balnea Hotel: The Artistic Spa Experience

At Terme Krka, significant emphasis is placed on integrating art. The Balnea Hotel, the youngest of the three hotels (with Vital and Kristal) at Dolenjske Toplice, was the first to undertake the concept of an artistic spa. Art is at the core of the Balnea Hotel's design, featuring numerous works by Slovenian artists both inside and out. Zora Stančič's graphics and Primož Pugelj's sculptures enhance the hotel’s environment, while Borut Peterlin's photographs adorn the rooms. Additionally, the hotel suites showcase artworks by exceptional painters such as Todorče Atanasov and Dušan Kirbiš.

In addition to its artistic spirit, Balnea also hosts a series of concerts and club events, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy intimate performances by renowned music artists in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Whether seeking rejuvenation for the body, mind, or soul, Balnea Hotel promises an unforgettable spa experience that celebrates the union of art and wellness.

Vital and Kristal Hotels: A Testament to History

The other two hotels at The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Resort, Vital and Kristal, are rich in both artistic and historical significance. Vital Hotel, constructed by Prince Henrik Auersperg in the second half of the 18th century, stands as a testament to the region's storied past.

Kristal Hotel was completed in 1899 and boasts a restaurant hall adorned with a large chandelier. This April, the hotel welcomed a new piece of art: a painting by Alojzija Kogovšek entitled "Jelendol Partisan Hospital." Known for her depictions of Slovenian historical events, particularly from World War II, Kogovšek created this oil painting to portray the serene setting of the secret partisan hospital in the Kočevje forest.

Discover Special Offers and Wellness Retreats

For more information about special offers and exciting options for your next wellness retreat at The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa, visit the link below. Among the special offers, you will find a variety of tailored packages, including special family packages designed to provide a rejuvenating experience for all ages, as well as special offers for a romantic and relaxing getaway for couples. Whether you're looking to unwind with your loved ones or enjoy some tranquil time together, The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa has the perfect package to suit your needs.

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This article is a result of an exciting partnership with The Association of Slovenian Natural Spas (SSNZ), of which The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa proudly holds membership. Serving as a unified platform, the association brings together top 12 Slovenian spas, which focus on utilizating natural therapeutic elements such as thermal waters, potable mineral waters, sea water, salt pan mud and more. The association leads the way in pioneering New Age tourism while upholding traditional standards of preventive and curative healthcare.

Source and photos: Terme Krka

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