Šentjur: A Town of History, Music and Crafts

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Šentjur: A Town of History, Music and Crafts

Šentjur is a town rich in history and tradition, known for its late antique settlements and its long-standing musical heritage. The town is particularly celebrated for the contributions of the Ipavec family, renowned composers who have left a significant mark on Slovenian music.

Šentjur: A Town of History, Music and Crafts

Šentjur is a historic town located near the banks of the Voglajna River in eastern Slovenia, southeast of the city of Celje. Its picturesque surroundings are characterized by rolling hills and a mix of historical and natural attractions. It is also a town known for its late antique settlements and long-standing musical heritage.

Two beautiful hills surround Šentjur: Resevna and Rifnik, each offering splendid views and fascinating stories. Resevna, standing at 682 metres, is a popular hiking destination named after blue flowers found there. The summit features a 20-meter lookout tower and a renovated mountain lodge where visitors can enjoy refreshments. Just a few steps away, a charming wooden swing hangs from thick, curved branches.

Rifnik, at 568 metres, not only offers great views over Šentjur but is also steeped in history. It has been inhabited since the Early Stone Age and now houses an archaeological park on the site of the largest late antique settlement in Slovenia. The path to Rifnik passes by Rifnik Castle, first mentioned in 1326. The Rifnik and its Treasures museum collection in Zgornji trg provides more insights into the area's history.

A local legend about a stone bridge that once linked Ploštjan Castle to Rifnik Castle now connects Resevna and Rifnik. The story tells of a forbidden love between the Countess of Ploštanj and a young knight from Rifnik, whose fathers disapproved of their relationship. They met secretly on the stone bridge until the Count of Ploštanj had it sabotaged, leading to its collapse and the lovers' tragic end.

Šentjur also offers a unique cultural experience through its traditional pottery. The Mlin Umetnin pottery studio in Osredek, run by Marija Gračner, combines ancient craftsmanship with modern ceramic techniques, producing unique pieces that blend painting and pottery. Živa Zupanc Buser from Ponikva continues her family's tradition of creating distinctive clay products. Her workshop offers a glimpse into the process, with products available for purchase and group workshops on offer. The studio also hosts a permanent collection of Valentin Buser's pottery.

This article is part of an exciting partnership with with the Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia, of which Šentjur is also a member. The partnership aims to bring you captivating stories from the historical towns nestled across Slovenia. As a regular feature of News from Slovenia, delivered to our valued subscribers, readers can expect to discover exciting stories from these timeless cities in the coming months. The contents and photos for this article were provided by the Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia and Šentjur.


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